The UK updates its code of practice for the international recruitment of healthcare workers

Healthcare workers wanting to work in the UK have been given a major boost as the UK Government expands its list of countries that it can recruit from. This means more work opportunities in the NHS and private healthcare sector for healthcare workers from over 100 countries.

The NHS is the largest healthcare system in the world and fourth largest employer across the globe. The demand for the NHS far outweighs the number of healthcare professionals, so there’s always thousands of work opportunities that are currently unfilled.

International recruitment forms part of the Long Term Plan which will ensure the NHS is adequately staffed to support the UK population. In line with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UK has updated its code of practice (CoP) for the international recruitment of health and social care workers. This is a critical move and will help expand the market from which the UK can ethically recruit healthcare professionals.

The CoP is clear in establishing and assigning responsibilities for recruiters, employers and the government in order to maintain ethical recruitment in the long term. These responsibilities will play an integral role in ensuring countries with the least robust health systems are protected and not further weakened.

These changes mean Pulse can recruit and relocate healthcare professionals from over 100 additional locations to support the NHS and private health and social care organisations. It also enables us to help many more overseas applicants find a rewarding career within the UK healthcare service.

At Pulse, we have a dedicated team that supports overseas healthcare professionals who wish to work in the UK. We recognise the crucial role you play in supporting our health and social care organisations. As such, we are committed to helping you every step of the way with your relocation and recruitment journey. From support with visas to opening up a bank account and finding accommodation, our team is here for you.

“We are proud to work with healthcare professionals from across the globe, supporting them through the process of relocating to the UK for work from the moment of interest through to starting a role in the public or private sector and the journey in-between. We are looking forward to helping many more people through the process, and this update will only make the journey much more fluid for them and enable us to continue supporting and offering opportunities – making more dreams come true.”

– Amber, International Resourcing Consultant

We have hundreds of positions available across the NHS and private healthcare sector, so if you’re looking to work in the UK, browse our available vacancies or email

For the full list and details on the UK Government briefing, please click here.

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