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Three facts everyone needs to know about mental health in young people

By Lauren Elizabeth on 09/10/18

First celebrated in 1992, World Mental Health Day serves as a global awareness day aiming to end the social stigma surrounding mental health. This year’s theme is “young people and mental health in a changing world” with the focus on mental health in children and adolescents, and the way the world surrounding them affects this.

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Non-compliant agencies – how do they work and how can you ensure you are within the law?

By Lauren Elizabeth on 28/08/18

Yesterday, HMRC released guidance highlighting how agencies and umbrella companies continue to use tax avoidance schemes, masked as ways to increase your take home pay. These agencies and umbrella companies promote arrangements which “reduce your tax liability” and allow you to keep more of your income.

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Celebrating nursing around the world

By Rachel Waterman on 11/05/18

Pulse would like to thank you for your ongoing, compassionate care this International Nurses Day. Your hard work and dedication makes a difference to so many people’s lives.

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Spend summer by the sea

By Jacey Roberts on 25/04/18

Devon is home to some of the UK's best beaches and that's no exaggeration - several of the beaches are award winning. For the adventure and adrenaline junkies out there, there are facilities for every water sport imaginable including; surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing canoeing and sailing. With sandy, family-friendly beaches and remote, rugged coves, there are beaches to suit everybody in Devon.

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Face to face interview tips

By Lauren Elizabeth on 27/02/18

The most intimidating part of getting a job is often the interview process, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together our top tips to give you the upper hand in your interviews.

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