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Seven ways to protect yourself from stress

By Lauren Butcher on 16/05/18

Every year, the second week in May is dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health. This year, the Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme is something that a whopping 85% of UK adults confess to experience on a regular basis – stress. Due to the tolls of modern life it is easy to get stressed. Here are seven ways that you can help to prevent stress from occurring.

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How to deal with the ‘junk mail’ in your head

By Lauren Gage on 12/05/17

In the last in our series of Mental Health Awareness blogs, Chartered Clinical Psychologist Dr Ilan Ben-Zion tells us how we can deal with the unhelpful thoughts that enter our mind.

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5 misconceptions about mental health

By Declan Campbell on 10/05/17

Those suffering with mental health issues have had to face stigma for many years due to the invisible nature of the illness. Although there has been a large improvement in the attitude towards mental health, we still see many assumptions that are simply not correct.

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One small change might be the key to living a happier life

By Lauren Gage on 09/05/17

As part of our Mental Health Awareness Week celebration, we spoke to Chartered Clinical Psychologist Dr Ilan Ben-Zion who tells us how making a small change can help us live a happier life.

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Top tips for maintaining a healthy mind

By Lauren Gage on 04/05/17

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we wanted to put together a ten top tips list for maintaining a healthy mind. A strong and healthy mind is key to good mental health and ensuring we’re not just surviving. Practice these top tips to improve your current mental health and thrive in the future.

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