Relocating to the UK as a psychiatrist

Moving jobs can be a confusing process. If you’re relocating to the UK for your next career move, we’re here to guide you through the process.

In the field of medicine, where processes can differ from place to place, we want to ensure you are fully supported and informed every step of the way.

Requirements to work in the UK

Obtaining a GMC registration

In order to work in the UK, you need to be registered with a licence to practise through the General Medical Council (GMC). This is the governing body where you’ll gain your right to legally work as a doctor in the country.

The main requirements for this are having an acceptable primary medical qualification (PMQ) or an acceptable postgraduate qualification. If you studied in Europe, your PMQ will already be accepted by the GMC. If you studied elsewhere, you’ll need to sit a postgraduate exam to validate your eligibility to work as a doctor in the UK.

EU graduate requirements

Non-EU graduate requirements

Right to work

In order to live and work in the UK, you need permission from the government to do so. At present, EU citizens can still apply for the right to work through the EU settlement scheme and work in the UK without further action required if they have lived here previously. If you aren’t eligible for the settlement scheme, this isn’t cause for concern, as we will be there to guide you through the process to obtain right to work in the UK.

If you are living outside of the European Union, you will likely need Tier 2 visa support in order to work in the UK. This is obtained directly with a job offer in the UK, where you’ll be supplied with a certificate of sponsorship that will enable you to apply for the visa. The Tier 2 visa will cover both you and any dependents who are relocating with you. Typically, this visa lasts for one to two years in the first instance. As you’ll be working as a healthcare professional, you won’t have to pay the IHS charge, which means that you and your family can use NHS services for free.

Relocating with Pulse

Our dedicated international team will work closely with you to offer a tailored experience for your journey to the UK. We understand we’re all different and as such everyone will take a different path to reach their destination. To ensure you are fully supported on your journey,  we’ll be with you every step of the way, highlighting the best options to suit your experience and requirements for your relocation to the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about how Pulse can help you relocate as a psychiatrist, click here to register your interest.

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