Registering with a dentist in the UK

Registering with a dentist is different from the process you need to follow when registering at a GP surgery. This is because you aren’t bound to a catchment area; you can choose a dentist wherever it is convenient for you.

To find a local dentist – or one in an area that suits you – you can use this link.

It is not uncommon for dentists to have limited capacity to take on new NHS patients. In some cases, you may have to join a waiting list or speak to a few dentists in the local area. If you are unable to find a dental surgery, you can consider going private.

Once you have chosen a dental practice you will likely have to fill in a registration form; doing this means you will be added to their patient database, but it doesn’t guarantee you access to NHS dental appointments.

What dental treatment is available on the NHS?

Clinically necessary treatments are available on the NHS. This includes procedures that you need in order to maintain good dental health. The NHS won’t cover treatments that are carried out for cosmetic reasons, such as teeth whitening.

For a full list of dental treatments and their respective costs, please visit this NHS webpage.

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