MRCPsych exam information

MRCPsych is a psychiatry-specific middle-grade exam. Doctors in the UK usually take it before they progress to further training in order to become a consultant. Employers highly regard those who pass this exam as it demonstrates extensive knowledge within the field of psychiatry.

As a postgraduate qualification in English, this is also accepted by the GMC (General Medical Council). It serves as evidence of your eligibility to work as a doctor in the UK. Regardless of your level within psychiatry, taking this exam (run by the Royal College of Psychiatrists) will add to your professional portfolio and could put you at an advantage when seeking new job opportunities.

Why MRCPsych?

For those relocating to the UK from overseas, we specifically recommend this as a pathway. Completing this exam would enable you to obtain your GMC and secure a role as a speciality (middle grade) psychiatry doctor in the UK.

For more in-depth information on the MRCPsych exam, including eligibility, please see below.

Eligibility for overseas doctors:

  • You can take these exams from any country in the world
  • A minimum of one year’s experience within psychiatry is recommended

Paper A: £528

Three-hour exam worth 150 marks comprising 150 questions; two-thirds are multiple-choice questions, and the other third is extended matching item questions

Topics covered

  1. Behavioural Science and Sociocultural Psychiatry
  2. Human Development
  3. Basic Neurosciences
  4. Clinical Psychopharmacology
  5. Classification and Assessment in Psychiatry

Paper B: £475

Three-hour exam worth 150 marks comprising 150 questions which follow the same format as Paper A.

Topics covered

  1. Organisation and Delivery of Psychiatric Services
  2. General Adult Psychiatry
  3. Old Age Psychiatry
  4. Psychotherapy
  5. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  6. Substance Misuse/Addictions
  7. Forensic Psychiatry
  8. Psychiatry of Learning Disability
  9. Critical Review

CASC practical exam: £1,093

The CASC format is similar to an objective structured clinical examination. It is broken down into 16 circuits of individual stations which test your clinical skills. You can find information on this by clicking here.

Want to apply?

All exams can now be taken online from anywhere in the world. There are some minor requirements regarding the device you use to take the test. Please click here for further guidance.

If you’d rather speak to us directly for help or advice regarding your application, please get in touch on +44(0) 1992 305 640.

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