Accessing healthcare in the UK

The below information talks about access to healthcare on the basis of lawful residency. You can access additional information on what constitutes lawful residency by clicking here.


The following applies if you are moving to England from EU countries or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland:

To get access to free NHS healthcare in England, you need to be “ordinarily resident” in the UK, which means you must be lawfully resident here and properly settled for the time being. You may be asked to provide evidence of this before registering.

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If you are moving to England from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) national and you are subject to immigration control, the rules are slightly different. You can only be considered as ordinarily resident if your immigration status is of indefinite leave to remain.

This status permits you the right to live here permanently and therefore gives you access to free healthcare through the NHS.

If you are residing in the UK on a temporary stay of more than six months, you may be required to pay the immigration health surcharge. This payment gets processed at the time of your visa application.

The immigration surcharge fees are: 

  • £300 per year per person for students and each of their dependents

  • £400 per year per person for everyone else


If you’re a healthcare professional and your visa is sponsored by the NHS, or an organisation providing medical services to the NHS then you are not required to pay the surcharge. This is also applicable to any dependants who relocate with you. For more information on the healthcare, visa click here.

Once you have paid this surcharge – or if you were exempt from paying it – but your visa allows you to be here for a period longer than six months, you will be entitled to free NHS hospital treatment in England. This is done on a similar basis to someone with ordinary residency.

This entitlement will be applicable from the date your visa is first granted until its expiration.

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