DIY Christmas gifts

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DIY Christmas gifts

Whether it’s a sweet-smelling soap you can make in a matter of minutes, a flavoured gin liquor which takes minimal effort, or salt dough Christmas decorations that you can make with the kids, nothing quite says ‘I’ve thought about you’, like a DIY gift.

This year more than ever, many of us will be looking to add more of a personal touch to our Christmas gifts. Maybe the gift is for someone you haven't been able to see for a long time, and you want to let them know they have been in your thoughts, or maybe you've just got more time on your hands and want to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever the reason may be, here are 10 DIY Christmas gift ideas for you to try. Enjoy!

Recipe box

Consider yourself a good cook? Willing to share your top-secret recipes? Why not give the gift of great food this Christmas and create recipe cards of some of your most popular dishes, and present them in a decorative recipe box for a foodie-friend or aspiring chef.

When it comes to the template for the recipe cards, you can either design these yourself in word, with a little help from software such as Canva or order some that have already been designed for you from Etsy or Amazon. Once you have printed or ordered your recipe cards, you now need to work on decorating your wooden recipe box with some removable wallpaper samples, and then the simple matter of deciding which recipes to include in your box.

10-minute milk and honey soap

If you know someone who’s into their skincare, this one is for them. This easy soap can be made in a matter of 10 minutes and requires only a few simple ingredients. Not only does it smell divine, it’s great for your skin.

Click here to watch the ‘how to’ video.

Chocolate snowman and candy cane spoons

Another DIY Christmas gift that can be created in a matter of minutes with only a few ingredients required, these are perfect for the little ones in your life, and best served by swirling in a cup of hot chocolate for the ultimate minty treat.

You can start off by either making the candy cane spoons yourself, or purchase them from eBay. You’ll then need to follow these instructions to decorate your spoons with chocolate and marshmallow snowmen. 

Black Forest infused gin

One for them, one for you. A simple yet impressive concoction, perfect for a gin and tonic with a twist. Follow this link for the step-by-step process of creating your own Black Forest infused gin.

Christmas-spiced marmalade

If gin isn't their thing, why not try a homemade condiment like marmalade. We’ve selected this tangy, zesty citrus fruit recipe with a festive twist of cinnamon, cloves, star anise and cardamom. 

Salt dough Christmas decorations

Spruce up your recipients Christmas tree with these homemade salt dough Christmas decorations. This is a fun and festive activity to get the kids involved with on a cosy winter evening. 

First of all, you’ll need to make your salt dough. You can then get creative and decide how you want to your decoration to look. Whether it’s glitter snowflakes, fingerprint Christmas trees, or graphic stars, there’s plenty of ideas to try. Click here for some festive inspiration. 


They may not be one of the most glamourous of gifts, but everyone needs to wear one right now so you might as well look great doing so. Simply select your favourite cotton fabric and then follow these instructions to make your reusable facemask (no sewing machine required!).

Cookie mix in a jar

You really can’t go wrong with an edible gift, especially when it’s cookies… and M&Ms. Give the gift of soft and chewy M&M cookies with this mason jar filled with pre-measured dry ingredients, all they’ll have to do is add the wet ingredients and bake. Just don’t forget to include the instructions of how to turn the contents of the jar into a batch of cookies! Click here to assemble your jars (includes instructions to pass on to the lucky recipient).

Bath salts

As a healthcare professional, you know only too well the impact of being on your feet all day can take on your body. We’re sure you’ll know plenty of friends who could benefit from a nice relaxing soak after a long shift and these homemade luxurious lavender bath salts are the ideal accompaniment to calm and soothe. You’ll find the recipe here.

Christmas tea towels

Another one to get the kids involved with, these cookie-cutter stamped tea towels make the ideal gift for teachers, neighbours, and grandparents. Believe it or not, all you need is some plain white tea towels, fabric paint, and cookie cutters of your choice (go big or go small). Step-by-step instructions on how to decorate your tea towels can be found here

We hope we’ve given you some DIY Christmas gift inspiration and got you into the festive spirit. If you decide to give any of these ideas a try, we’d love for you to share pictures of your creations with us in the comments below.

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