Month: March 2018

5 things you need to know for World Bipolar Day

By Lauren Butcher on 20/03/18

World Bipolar Day is celebrated on 30th March each year to combat the social stigma that often goes hand in hand with bipolar disorders, and to bring international awareness.

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How to find more time to read

By Rachel Waterman on 19/03/18
Tagged in nursing

Some of the busiest people on our planet are also avid readers. Reading sparks your creativity, helps you grow your understanding of complex problems and grows you intellectually, while at the same time, reading is a very relaxing activity. But how do we make time to read?

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Duchess of Cambridge launches Nursing Now campaign

By Rachel Waterman on 12/03/18
Tagged in charity, nursing

The Duchess of Cambridge has both launched and become a patron of a new global campaign to raise the profile and status of nursing. Along with nurses and nursing leaders from around the world, she visited St Thomas’ Hospital on 27 February to launch the Nursing Now campaign.

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Celebrating women in healthcare on International Women’s Day

By Rachel Waterman on 08/03/18
Tagged in nursing

Today is International Women’s Day and at Pulse, we’re recognising some of the amazing women in healthcare, past, and present.

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