Reactivation bonus

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Reactivation bonus

If you haven’t worked a shift with Pulse in three months or more, we’re offering you a £100 cash bonus. Simply work three shifts within a four-week period and you’ll be treating yourself to that posh meal out before you know it.

  1. Make a repair you’ve been putting off
    Now you have no excuses

    Make a repair you’ve been putting off
  2. Buy that gadget you’ve been eyeing up
    Because a new Dyson hairdryer will save you so much time

    Buy that gadget
  3. Pay off a debt
    For every £1 you pay off its another £1 closer to freedom!

    Pay off a debt
  4. Save it
    Whether it’s for your rainy-day fund or towards your next holiday, the extra money will always come in handy

    Save it
  5. Got out for a nice meal
    “I’ll have the lobster and a bottle of your most expensive prosecco”

    Got out for a nice meal
  6. Give to someone in need
    Give to that special cause close to your heart

    Give to someone in need

The £100 bonus is within your reach, book your next shift now via ipoint or contact the team directly with your requirements.

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