Five Halloween costume ideas for teachers

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Five Halloween costume ideas for teachers

31st October causes a great deal of excitement across the world, with children dressing up to go trick-or-treating, and the day traditionally full of all things spooky. But how can you bring this into the classroom?

Here are 5 costumes that are perfect for the classroom

The Alphabet

English teacher? What better costume to have than the basis of all of your teachings; the alphabet! Use scrabble letters, alphabet fridge magnets or even cut out paper letters and stick them to a plain t-shirt and trousers, skirt, or dress. The possibilities are endless!

Mr/Mrs Frizzle

Remember The Magic School Bus books? Mrs Frizzle was a science teacher that took her students on adventures in her magic school bus to get really hands on with what they were learning. Create paper planets and stick them to a blue dress or shirt to have a quick and easy costume that makes perfect sense standing in front of your students, and you will be able to introduce them to a fantastic series of books.

Inspector Gadget

This detective is perfect for an engineering or design and technology teacher as you can introduce students to new gadgets with each new lesson. However, any teacher could pull of the inspector gadget costume. Just pull on a suit and a camel trench coat, grab a trilby and you’re sorted.

A Hogwarts professor

Okay, this one is pretty obvious, but what better way to celebrate Halloween than a spin on the traditional witch/wizard costume? Whether you choose to stick a long white beard to your face to be Professor Dumbledore, or adorn yourself with multi coloured fabrics to dress as Professor Trelawney, the possibilities are truly endless.

A Superhero

Wonder woman? Superman? A superhero costume allows you to celebrate your favourite hero, while reinforcing the superhero job that you do each day. Superman can be easily done, donning a pair of black rimmed glasses and a superman t-shirt beneath a shirt, while a wonder woman costume can be made with a red shirt, a printed logo and some blue leggings.

Will you be bringing Halloween into the classroom? What are your favourite Halloween costumes?

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