Five reasons why recruitment is for you

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Five reasons why recruitment is for you

Ask the majority of people who work in recruitment, they’ll say they “fell into it”. Recruitment has an incredibly diverse workforce, which allows the sector to constantly change, develop and continue to be one of the most versatile career paths you can choose. Whether you studied maths or music, sports science or business studies, the recruitment sector is versatile enough for people of all backgrounds to take part, thrive and really make a difference to people’s lives. Here are five reasons why we think recruitment is that path for you.

  1. Freedom and control of your career
  2. Recruitment is one of the only careers where you have complete control over which path you take, and the freedom to control how you get there. It is not unheard of that a Trainee Recruitment Consultant could become a Sales Director in less than 5 years with hard work and persistence. As long as you know where you want to be and are willing to work for it, you have the freedom to get there.

  3. You are in control of how much you earn
  4. Recruitment is very process-driven. If you follow the right processes, you will begin to make frequent placements, build key relationships and see the commission come in. With the additional benefit that Pulse offer a no threshold commission structure, you will always get a percentage of the money that you bring into the business.

  5. You’ll become an expert in your field
  6. Taught by the best in the business, you’ll receive the necessary techniques, knowledge and training to be an expert in your designated field. At Pulse, we ensure that whatever division you join, from Nursing to Allied Health, you’ll be able to talk the language of industry professionals in no time.

  7. You will learn new skills
  8. Working with your managers and directors, you will learn people and project management, business development, timekeeping and critical thinking skills. Dependant on the sector that you join, you will learn communication skills across different cultures, countries and sometimes even language barriers. You will learn to sound professional in both your tone and rhetoric, as well as hard skills such as cold calling and headhunting.

  9. Social Life
  10. Recruitment consultants are outgoing people, who love to work in a team; this makes for great team nights out and sports teams. The best part about working in a recruitment company is the sense of teamwork and excitement you’ll feel from your first day of joining. At Pulse, we have various sports teams, table football and ping pong tables and a family feel that allows for frequent nights out, and a close knit community across all of our offices.

If you're looking to work in the heart of the city, you'll find multiple vacancies in our Grays Inn Road and Kings Cross offices. Fancy working in a more rural location with the same buzz? Then check out the vacancies in our Turnford office.

If you want to find out more about a career in recruitment, contact Sharyn Clarke on 07776 999 874 or for a confidential chat about your situation.

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