Month: September 2017

World Pharmacists Day 2017

By Lauren Gage on 22/09/17

It's World Pharmacists Day today. A time to celebrate and promote the contributions that pharmacy professionals make. To all our Pulse pharmacists out there, we want to thank you for the fantastic work you do. Want to learn more about this day? We’ve put together everything you need to know.

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Top foods for healthy eyes

By Jacey Roberts on 18/09/17
Tagged in community, top tips

Your eyesight is vital to your daily life, yet it’s often neglected given the busy nature of day to day life. To celebrate National Eye Health Week, Pulse has put together some top tips to keep your eyes healthy.

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Five reasons why recruitment is for you

By Lauren Elizabeth on 14/09/17

Ask the majority of people who work in recruitment, they’ll say they “fell into it”. Recruitment has an incredibly diverse workforce, which allows the sector to constantly change, develop and continue to be one of the most versatile career paths you can choose.

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