School holiday’s checklist

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School holiday’s checklist - important things to do before you jet off

As we are approaching the school holidays, we know most will have a lovely holiday planned. Our candidates work extremely hard, so what better way to unwind and relax than a summer holiday away? You definitely deserve it. So to make life easier and to ensure you fully enjoy your time off, we’ve put together a checklist of important things to do before you head away:

  1. Submit timesheets to Pulse - let us top up your bank account whilst you're away, don't leave it until you're back
  2. Update availability on ipoint - our team is constantly working to find you the best roles. Update your availability on ipoint so we can line up your next placement, so you’re never out of work
  3. Turn emails off - take the time to fully recharge those batteries and leave the emails until you're back
  4. Wash your uniform and pack your work bag - so everything is prepared for your next placement after your holiday
  5. Let your consultant know of any job requirements for when you return  - if you fancy your next role to be in the community instead of an acute setting or want to try a private sector role instead of NHS, let your consultant know and we’ll work on your behalf to find you that perfect vacancy which matches your needs
  6. Relax - knowing that the Pulse team are working behind the scenes to find you your next placement

Now take your mind off of work and enjoy your well-earned break. Just remember to stay safe in the sun and embrace every minute of it.

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