A day in the Life of a Chemotherapy Nurse

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A day in the life of a Chemotherapy Nurse

Fatmata, a Chemotherapy Nurse working in London, had a passion for nursing at an early age and has had an extremely successful career from then on.

Despite knowing she had a strong drive to work in the profession, Fatmata’s journey to solely working in Chemotherapy grew from her first experience working in the field.

When did you decide you’d like to be a nurse?

I decided when I was in school at the age of 10.

What year did you start your training and what year did you qualify?

I started my training at South Bank University in 2000 and qualified in 2003. Then I went onto complete my BSc at Kings College University in 2005 – it was such a great achievement for me.

Where was your first job and how long did you stay there?

My first job was in Central London and I started on 1st September 2003. I stayed in the job for 3 years and that is where my passion grew for oncology and haematology.

What is your proudest accomplishment during your career?

My proudest accomplishment was in 2014, where I was a ward manager in the hospital I worked in. I enjoyed taking the responsibility of the ward and I won the ‘oustanding performance’ award.

How would you describe a ‘typical day’ in nursing?

I believe that there is no such thing as a typical day in nursing as there are different challenges everyday.

What are your career highlights?

Being able to provide high standards of care to patients and going to several training courses for development.

What is your proudest accomplishment outside of work?

I’m a very family orientated person and I love to help people. I help all my family members when they need advice or just a simple favour. I have also brought up two young men whilst I have been working as a nurse and they make me very proud.

When did you start working for Pulse and why do you love working with us?

I started working with Pulse in May 2016. I love working for Pulse because I receive the best support and encouragement from the team. I also like that they communicate with me often and keep me up to date with shifts, payments and any other changes that are taking place.

Do you want to join Pulse?

If you’re thinking of becoming an agency nurse contact the team today or register and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

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