Attending a festival this summer? 10 top things to remember

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Ten top tips for attending a festival

We all know that as summer approaches festivals are on the horizon. However, to maximise your time at a festival, you need to be prepared for all circumstances that can be thrown at you. Pulse Allied Health have put together a list of our top 10 festival things you just can't forget.

  1. Anti bacterial hand gel - it's great to have this to hand for after use of the porta loos, you never know when else this will come in handy.
  2. Bottle of water - it is vital to stay hydrated, especially when the weather is hot; so be sure to take a bottle of water with you and refill when needed.
  3. Packet tissues - for when there is no toilet roll left in the porta loo.
  4. Sunglasses - firstly to protect your eyes from the sun, and secondly to hide any tired eyes!
  5. Rain mac - as we never know what the British weather will bring us.
  6. Wellies - although we like to think the conditions will be dry, the reality is that it will be wet. Take wellies to avoid wet, mud-filled shoes.
  7. Sun cream - being in the sun all day can have harmful effects on our skin, so make sure to apply sun cream often throughout the day.
  8. Bum bag - to keep your essentials safe with you at all times. Also great way to free up your hands!
  9. Fully charged phone - for selfies and meeting up with friends. If you have a portable charger, remember to fully charge that too.
  10. Ticket - most importantly, all the above would be redundant without your ticket.

Let's hope the weather stays dry and warm. Finally, enjoy the festival and make sure you stay safe.

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