Video interviews on-demand

Video interviews on-demand

You’ve applied to join and now you have your interview date. Except this time, it’s an interview with a twist: one that can be completed online in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever your feelings towards video interviews, they look set to stay. With as many as six out of ten hiring managers already using it in the US, it’s now taking the UK by storm.

What is on-demand interviewing?

On-demand interviews involve recording your answers to pre-set questions. In other words, you aren’t speaking to a person in real-time, and you can complete the interview whenever and wherever you like. The video interviewing technology we offer is really easy for you to use; it will have prompts – both written and recorded - and you’ll have a chance to answer job-specific questions and upload supporting information if required. On-demand interviews speed up the recruitment process, allowing you to get started in the job you want as soon as possible!

A time convenient for you

We know you lead a busy lifestyle, and that’s why we want to make it quick and easy for you to get started with Pulse. Video interviewing gets rid of the need to travel, meaning you save time and money, and won’t need to rearrange other commitments. On-demand is particularly convenient; you can record your responses literally any time you choose - so no more sneaking around at work or using valuable annual leave. Plus, a faster and more thorough screening process means you won’t waste time or be kept waiting.

Want to know the best part about HireVue? You can practice and even re-record your answer, so you can ensure your answers are the best they can be. Furthermore, you can choose to do the interview in one go – which will take around 30 minutes – or you can complete it in sections throughout the day. This means that if there’s an interruption or you need to be somewhere, you can simply pause between questions and return to the interview later.

We recommend preparing as thoroughly as you would for a face-to-face interview which will help you deliver a stand-out performance.

I'd prefer to meet in person

Although the age of Skype and YouTube means many feel perfectly comfortable in front of a camera, others dread the very idea. If you've applied to join Pulse but would prefer to come and meet the team, don’t worry, we’d love to meet you. Simply contact the team today and we’ll get you booked in for a time convenient to you.

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