6 tips to adapt your home following surgery

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6 tips to adapt your home following surgery

Are you or a family member due to have knee or hip surgery and want to know how to improve your rehabilitation? Follow our six top tips and the instructions perhaps from your physiotherapist on discharge to get you back up and active in no time.

  1. Clear a path around your home
    Although this seems obvious it is important you prepare your home for when you return after undergoing surgery. Making sure you can access the essential rooms in your house stress free is important. Try to remove rugs or lose cables around your home to avoid accidents happening. If you want to have a little more stability, installing handrails around the home can also be useful for extra support.

  2. Move the bedroom to the ground floor
    Moving your bed so that your living space is all on one floor can help with your rehabilitation. Not applying stress to our injury by attempting the journey up and down the stairs each day can help speed up recovery. If possible pitch up camp on the same floor as the bathroom or maybe invest in a commode to avoid being caught short.

  3. Can your feet touch the ground?
    For some people it can be hard enough getting out of bed in the morning as it is let alone after having surgery. Adapt your sleeping situation and ensure your feet can touch the ground when you get out in the morning, it will impact on your joints.

  4. Stock up on supplies
    Make sure you have plenty of canned and frozen foods as well as other essentials like shampoo, washing powder and toilet paper – you don’t want to be struggling to the shops late at night.

  5. Keep your phone close
    It’s frustrating enough when someone phones in the middle of your favourite programme but even worse when you can’t reach your phone. Leave it somewhere accessible so you don’t need to move from the comfort of your chair. It is worth remember in the unlikely event of you having an accident or needing a bit of assistance your mobile or cordless home phone will be your savour – keep it close.

  6. You are not alone
    You are not alone Pulse Nursing at home can support you throughout your recovery.

What happens next?

Get in touch with the team today. After contacting us, one of our qualified nurses will meet with you to complete a care plan and conduct a risk assessment at your home. Our specialist bookings team will select the right staff to suit your needs so all you have to worry about is getting better.

Contact Pulse Nursing at home on 0207 959 1003 or visit our website Pulse Nursing at Home we look forward to hearing from you.

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