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Is a Nursing Home job right for you

Nursing home jobs: Why nursing the elderly is one of the most rewarding jobs around

Ever fancied bungee jumping? Maybe you’ve taken the plunge already or would love to given half the chance. Or maybe, like me, you feel a bit too old for that sort of caper. Old age certainly didn't put off 96-year old Mohr Keet who became the oldest bungee jumper ever in 2010, leaping from South Africa's Western Cape which has a 708ft drop.

There’s a misconception around old age; when we’re young we tend to look at ‘old’ people as different somehow. But of course that’s ridiculous. When I'm ‘old’ I’ll find the same things funny, have the same interests and hopefully a few new ones. And if I ever need to move to a care or nursing home, I really hope the nurses there will see me for who I am.

As well as being incredibly rewarding, nursing the elderly can provide a better understanding of what people go through as they age. Nursing home jobs can help you learn a lot from the older generation, who’ve lived through untold changes and are all the wiser for it. Older patients still want their independence but small favours such as  helping them to shave or brush their hair are often truly appreciated. And of course elderly patients often have a lot of really good stories to tell.

So if you’re a caring, patient nurse or healthcare assistant who enjoys getting to know your patients then perhaps a nursing home job is right for you. And if you need any more convincing that age is just a number, check out these amazing facts:

  • Dorothy Davenhill Hirsch, 89, became the oldest person to visit the North Pole aboard the Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker Yamal
  • Dame Vera Lynn made British chart history this year by becoming the oldest living artist to reach the Top 20 Album chart at the age of 99
  • Dr Leila Denmark, an American paediatrician was still working until her retirement on May 2001 at the age of 103
  • Gladys Burrill from Hawaii was 92 years old when she power-walked and jogged the Honolulu Marathon in nine hours 53 minutes, earning herself the nickname "Gladyator"
  • Bertha Wood had her first book, Fresh Air and Fun: The Story of a Blackpool Holiday Camp published on her 100th birthday on June 20, 2005
  • Yuichiro Miura, an 80-year old Japanese mountaineer, reached the summit of Mount Everest in 2003

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