There were 15 on the night…. but to us you’re all winners

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On 20th November, at one of London’s most illustrious restaurants, the 15 winners of the 2015 Pulse Nursing Awards gathered together to receive their prize packages and enjoy a celebratory lunch with Pulse CEO Richard MacMillan.

This glittering event was the finale of this year’s awards programme, which saw a staggering 1,120 nurses, midwives, operating department practitioners and healthcare assistants nominated back in September. A guest panel then had the formidable task of shortlisting five individuals in each of the 15 categories, and these 75 nominees went on to receive an equally astounding 6,000 votes between them.

Winners included Daniel Curran, winner of the Community Nurse Award, who was described by one of his voters as “worth his weight in gold” and ITU nurse Jacqueline Edwards, described as “a breath of fresh air to both patients and staff.”

Pulse currently has 19,000 registered nurses, midwives, operating department practitioners and healthcare assistants working in NHS trusts and healthcare providers around the UK. This year, we widened the awards to cover the whole of the UK and extended the voting to the general public.

“The success of this year’s Pulse Nursing Awards has been absolutely mind blowing,” Marcella Pergande, Managing Director of Pulse London Nursing tells us. “There’s clearly an appetite within both the nursing profession and the general public to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional levels of compassionate care our healthcare professionals provide day in, day out. It’s an honour to be able to meet - and thank - some of these wonderful people. We wish we could give every one of you an award.”

Like Marcella, we’d like to emphasise our gratitude and thanks to every single one of our nurses, midwives, operating department practitioners and healthcare assistants. In the end, there had to be 15 winners, but you’re all winners as far as we’re concerned. We’re proud to be able to work with such inspirational individuals whose dedication and commitment so often gets taken for granted in today’s busy healthcare environments.

We can’t wait to hear more inspirational stories next year. Roll on the Pulse Nursing Awards 2016…

Happy Christmas everyone!

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