5 things you need to know about revalidation

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Five things you need to know about revalidation

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is currently developing a revalidation system for nurses and midwives, designed to strengthen the registration renewal process, increase professionalism and improve public protection. Here’s our initial guide to help you understand the new process. We will continue to publish updates and what we’re doing to support Pulse nurses so look out for future posts.

  1. What is revalidation?

    Revalidation is the process by which nurses and midwives demonstrate that they practice safely.

    All nurses and midwives are currently required to renew their registration. Revalidation will strengthen the renewal process by introducing new requirements that focus on:

    • Keeping up-to-date with practice and professional development
    • Reflecting on the professional standards of practice and behaviour as set out in the Code
    • Seeking regular feedback from service users and colleagues

  2. Why is revalidation important?

    Revalidation will exist to improve public protection by guaranteeing individuals are continuously fit to practise. It sets out guidelines and requirements that a nurse or midwife must abide by to maintain professional registration throughout their career.

  3. Why is revalidation being introduced?

    Revalidation will provide nurses and midwives with the opportunity to review on their practice against the standards in the Code and demonstrate that they are ‘living’ these standards.

    As well as improving public protection, it will also help those nurses and midwives who are isolated from other professionals, by providing a platform to engage in networks and discussions about their practice.

  4. What happens during revalidation?

    Each year you will have an appraisal with a senior nurse who will assess your competencies, approach to practice and your ability to demonstrate an understanding of the NMC Code. During each appraisal, you will build a development plan together to help guide you through the following year, enhancing your strengths and working on areas for improvement. This appraisal process is known as ‘Obtaining Confirmation’ (of your ability to practice safely and effectively).

    Every three years you will be required to apply for Revalidation. You must demonstrate that you have ‘Obtained Confirmation’ in order to qualify, so it is important that you are appraised each year. You will also be required to have a nurse or senior manager (‘The Confirmer’) complete a declaration to show you have worked in line with the NMC code of conduct. The NMC will then validate your declarations before your Revalidation is approved.

    The NMC has proposed that the first nurses and midwives to revalidate will be those with a renewal date in April 2016.

    Revalidation timeline:

    • Autumn 2015 – Publication of finalised revalidation guidance expected in October
    • Spring 2016 – Revalidation begins for all nurses and midwives across the UK

  5. How can Pulse support you through revalidation?

    Supporting our nurses with their career development is something we pride ourselves on. We understand that most of you are unsure of how the process of appraisal and revalidation will affect you, so we will be on hand to guide them along the way.

    If you would like to find out more contact a member of the team today.
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    Require some enlightenment on this matter.

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    Hi I am currently in the process of joining pulse with a view to give up my permanent nhs post! How will I get verification from a manager if I do not have a permanent place of work?

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    I am finding it difficult to activate my file. Could you take steps to grant me an interview please!

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    I appreciate your updating nurses with such important information. Support us to keep in date with our training
    Thank you

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    Thank you for your comments. The new revalidation process is due to be implemented from April 2016 and we’re working hard to ensure we have the best solution for our nurses. We will continue to publish regular updates so look out for future posts.

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    As a nurse who does agency full time, how can I get my revalidation process rolling?

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    Who will appraise nurses that work only as agency nurses thanks?

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    This useful information but I would like to know more specifically how Pulse will support us. Will one of your nursing team be providing the confirmation based on our appraisals with Pulse? Will Pulse be providing competencies for us to achieve? Many of us only do agency work and therefore some aspects of re validation will be more difficult for us to achieve.

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    Hi Melanie,
    Thank you for your comments. We are working hard pulling together the best solution for our nurses. Once we have our process in place we will be communicating it out to all of our nurses at Pulse. If you have any concerns in the meantime please contact your local branch and the teams will be happy to speak with you.
    Best wishes