Mental Health Awareness Week 11th – 17th May, 2015

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Pulse Psychological Therapies are supporting Mental Health Awareness week.

With a quarter of people in the UK encountering mental health problems during their lifetime it is important that we understand more about the issues surrounding mental health. Each year the Mental Health Foundation stages Mental Health Awareness Week which encourages conversation about this topic to fight discrimination and stigma surrounding the illness whilst also promoting good mental well being. This year MHAW will run from 11th – 17th May specifically focusing on the concept of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the notion that if you pay attention to the present you won’t get trapped in the past worrying about things that have already happened, or likewise anything in the future that may happen. This useful practice has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, something that has been estimated to cost the UK economy over £100 billion.

To show our commitment to supporting activity around this important issue, our Pulse Psychological Therapies team are partnering with mental health charity CLASP to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention by undertaking a 10 mile walk along the Thames path on Saturday 16th May.

You can get involved in the walk, sponsor the team or find out further details here.

With hundreds of events taking place across the UK next week, we’d love to know what you are doing to support MHAW. Tweet @PulsePsychology with details of your events using #MHAW and we’ll share as many events as possible.

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