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UK opens the doors to overseas healthcare workers

By Tierney Kydd on 09/03/21

The Government has cut restrictions on international recruitment for health and social care workers in order to “promote effective, fair and sustainable” recruitment from overseas - opening the doors to workers from over 100 countries. The move comes as the UK starts its ‘One Way’ Route out of Lockdown – the process that is designed to get the country fully ‘open for business’ by July. Meanwhile, the UK’s world-leading vaccination programme looks set to hit its target of having offered everyone over 16 a COVID-19 vaccine by September, so for overseas health and care workers there’s never been a better time to think about working in the UK.

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A quick guide to healthy eating for a busy life

By Rachel Waterman on 03/03/21

With all the other responsibilities in life you may find maintaining a healthy diet slips to the bottom of the list.Follow our seven steps to kick start your healthy eating lifestyle and prepare you for the week ahead.

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DIY Christmas gifts

By Rachel Waterman on 22/12/20

This year more than ever, many of us will be looking to add more of a personal touch to our Christmas gifts. Here are 10 DIY Christmas gift ideas for you to try. Enjoy!

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How to spend the festive season alone

By Freya Saunders Martin on 18/12/20

Regardless of the reasons why, many people will be spending Christmas alone this year. For those of you doing so, we want to demonstrate that spending the day on your own can be a positive experience.

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Ways to help others this Christmas

By Rachel Waterman on 11/12/20

If you're looking for ways to help others this year, there are plenty of ways to give. Here's a few ways you can support a stranger in need this Christmas.

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