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Talking to children about mental health

By Freya Saunders Martin on 12/06/20

Conversations around mental health are often reserved for adults or teenagers – but children should be aware of and become involved in the discussion too. By encouraging a more open attitude towards the topic, we can raise awareness and potentially address concerns or issues at a much earlier stage.

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How to deal with tragedy and sadness as a healthcare worker

By Rachel Waterman on 20/05/20

As a healthcare professional you’re there for your patients throughout their life - from birth right through to their last moments. While this is an immense privilege it can also cause deep personal sadness for you and your teammates.So how do you get through the tough times while still remaining positive and able to care for patients and their families?

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Being kind to yourself

By Freya Saunders Martin on 18/05/20

Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us, and given the current climate, this year’s theme feels extremely fitting…kindness.

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Support for overseas nurses and healthcare workers in the UK

By Jennifer Gant on 04/05/20

In response to the increased staffing demand, there is a new focus from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), as well as the UK Government, which will assist those coming from abroad.

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