Recommend a friend terms and conditions

Recommend a friend

  1. Definitions
    1. Recommender - A person who recommends a potential new associate to Pulse International
    2. Recommendee - A new associate who has not previously worked for Pulse International or an associate who has not worked for Pulse International within the last 12 months.
    3. Recommendation date - The date that the recommendation is received by Pulse International.
    4. Recommendation bonus payment - Payment in the form of cash for the Recommender of the amount stated for the profession of the Recommendee.
    5. Qualifying criteria - The criteria that must be met by the Recommender and as set out at clause 3.
    6. Compliant – Pulse International follows Recruitment and Employment Confederation Best Practice Guidelines. Under these guidelines, associate checks are required, prior to the associate commencing work. These include: right to work, proof of identity, DBS disclosure, occupational health and immunity, professional registration, specific training, competency interview, work history, references, professional and educational certificates. Once associate file is in accordance with the guidelines, the associate file is deemed compliant and they are eligible to work.

  2. Scheme
    1. The Pulse International recommendation scheme is applicable to Recommenders who recommend healthcare professionals looking to work across the Middle East. This scheme provides the opportunity for recommendations to be made and bonus payments earned, and it cannot be used in conjunction with any other recommend a friend scheme within Pulse International.

  3. Qualifying Criteria
    1. Recommendation - For a recommendation to qualify it must be submitted via the Pulse website here. The recommender must have explicit consent from the Recommendee to provide their details to Pulse International. Recommendations can also be made via telephone call to the Pulse International team and a record shall be retained by the consultant on file in order for the Recommendee to be validated. The recommendation must include the Recommendee’s name, profession, contact details and the location that the Recommendee requires work. The Pulse International team shall contact the Recommendee to verify their consent to be recommended, with the intention of securing them work engagements.
    2. Professions - For a recommendation to qualify, the Recommendee must work in the profession listed in this scheme.
    3. Compliance – For a recommendation to qualify, the Recommendee must pass the necessary checks to ensure they are Compliant and eligible to work.
    4. Worked hours - The recommendation bonus will be payable once the Recommendee has worked the number of hours stated for their profession or upon completion of a probationary period. The required hours must be completed in the timeframe specified.

  4. Recommendation bonus payments
    1. Bonus amount - The Recommender is entitled to claim the bonus amount that is related to the profession of the Recommendee once the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions have been met by both the Recommender and Recommendee.
    2. Claiming bonus - It is the responsibility of the Recommender to claim their recommendation bonus payment by contacting the Pulse International team no later than three months after the Recommendee has completed the required hours, or has passed the probation period, for their profession in the given time-frame.
    3. Cash payment(s) - A Bonus payment is made to the Recommender once the Recommendee has met the relevant qualifying criteria, terms, conditions and the Recommender has requested payment. All recommendation bonuses are subject to tax deduction. This will be deducted at source if the Recommender is a PAYE associate. If the Recommender is not a PAYE associate, they will be responsible for their own tax declaration. Bonus payments are non-transferable.
    4. The payment will be made when the refer completes their three month probation within their permanent placement
    5. The scheme only applies for nurses coming into the United Kingdom, the referral amount is  a £250 cash payment (or equivalent in your currency) 

  5. General Terms
    1. Pulse International reserves the right to reject a recommendation bonus payment request if:
      1. the Recommendee has not consented to their personal data being submitted to Pulse International;
      2. the Recommendee has previously registered with Pulse International within the past 12 months;
      3. the Recommender or Recommendee have not met the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions;
      4. the Recommendee works for a division of Pulse International that does not run a recommendation scheme;
      5. Pulse International sees fits to do so, due to any other reason or circumstance that they deem as justified; or
      6. If Recommenders are deemed internal personnel, employed by Pulse International
    2. Pulse International reserves the right to:
      1. vary the terms and conditions of this recommend a friend scheme at its absolute discretion; or
      2. cancel or discontinue this recommend a friend scheme without having to pay any outstanding claims, introduce a replacement scheme, offer compensation or inform associate

Recommend a friend