Dubai’s weather

DubaiDubai retains its warm weather for most of the year with the summer season beginning in May and continuing on into September, with average daily highs of 37°C. The hottest day of the year around the end of July, with an average high of 41°C and low of 31°C.

Winter occurs between December and March, with an average daily high of 27°C, while the coldest day of the year is around the middle of January, with an average low of 15°C and high of 23°C.

What to wear

Light and loose fitting clothing of natural fibres are best for the summer months. Warm clothing such as a jumper would be ideal for the evenings in the winter months.We advise that men don’t show bare chests and wear shorts below the knees and women cover their shoulders and knees out of respect for the culture of Dubai. This doesn't apply within your complex, by the swimming pool or at the beach.