Things to do in Riyadh

Riyadh's Kingdom Centre Tower skyscraper, at 992 feet tall, is the world's third largest building with a hole in. Take a visit to see the view from the top. For a taste of local culture and history, head to the National Museum where the history of Islam is explored and the founding king of Saudi Araba's array of expensive cars are displayed.

Otherwise, shop and eat, or eat and shop. Restaurants are plentiful, as is the cuisine they offer. Many shopping malls, markets and souks are scattered throughout the city, but be aware of visiting hour restrictions applying variously to men, women and families.

Al Faisaliyah Centre

Also known as Star Dome, this commercial skyscraper houses a shopping centre stocked with well-known brands, a cigar lounge and several restaurants. The golden ball within this distinctive building is the site of a particularly luxurious eatery.

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Kingdom Centre Tower

Take the journey all the way to the 99th floor of the world’s third tallest building with a hole in to experience a panoramic view of Riyadh. It's a favourite spot for tourists and locals, especially at dusk to watch the sun set over the desert.

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National Museum

A museum with an ambitious span – from the history of Islam to the geology of the area, the lavish cars of the founding king and more. Architect Raymond Moriyama was inspired by the form and colours of the sand dunes of the ‘Red Sands’ just outside Riyadh.

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Religious festivals

The most important annual celebration is Eid Al Fitr, following Ramadan. Festivities take place throughout the city across three days and visitors are welcome to join in marking the moment when Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice Ismael, his son, for Allah.

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You won't find a street in Riyadh that doesn't have a string of shopping malls, boutiques or markets. However, be aware of restrictions on visiting hours for men, women and families. One of the biggest and most glamorous shopping malls is Al Faisaliah on Olaya Road.

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