Things to do in Madinah

Madinah is the home to the second holiest site in Islam (the Al-Masjid an-Nabi) and is considered one of the holiest cities in Islam. To enter Madinah you need to be a Muslim; once there, you will be able to visit its many impressive mosques, holy sites and the UNESCO protected world heritage site, the Madain Saleh Tombs.

The AL-Madina Museum exhibits text paintings, maps showing the archaeological sites of Al Ula, models, photographs, heritage items and more. There is decent shopping and some bazaars but the city is primarily known for its religious significance.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Often called the Prophet’s Mosque, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi was built by the prophet Muhammad himself, next to the house where he settled after his Hijrah, or emigration. It's the second holiest site in Islam and is the site of the final resting place of the prophet.

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Al-Madina museums

The museum was originally established to highlight the cultural and historical aspects of the Al Ula region and to educate the community on their national heritage. It now houses text paintings, maps showing archaeological sites, models, photographs, artefacts and more.

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Alnoor Mall

The extravagant Al Noor Mall blends international retail and designer brands with entertainment, foodie delights and a child friendly family area. Located on the main road of Madinah’s residential district, it is the most popular shopping destination for both locals and visitors.

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Mada’in Saleh Tombs

Mada’in Saleh is a pre-Islamic archaeological site, with most of the ruins dating from the Nabatean kingdom, or the 1st century AD. It is the Nabateans’ largest settlement after Petra, its capital. In 2008 UNESCO made Mada’in Saleh a World Heritage Site.

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Religious importance

Madinah is the city to which Muhammad fled when he was driven out of Mecca. Its importance derives from the Prophet's Mosque, built on the site of Muhammad's home; it is where he is now buried. The country’s oldest mosque is also in Madinah.

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