Things to do in Jeddah

Jeddah is located on the shores of the Red Sea and is famed for its many beaches, rich marine life and the coral reefs that make it a popular destination for diving and snorkeling. For shopping head to Old Jeddah‘s Balad to find a blend of traditional markets and modern shopping centres.

Further attractions include Bicycle Square, Shell Square, the Floating Mosque, the Fakieh Aquarium, Victorious Horse Square and Kind Fahd's Fountain, which jets water 300 metres above the Red Sea.

Al Tayebat International City

Visit the Al Tayebat museum to see Islamic manuscripts, old coins and exquisite pottery. Find out about the architecture and the layout of the city, along with what life was like in ancient times.

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As Jeddah is located on the shore of the Red Sea (famous for its diving sites), it offers a wealth of beaches and resorts. If you don't dive, at least go snorkelling to see the rich aquatic life and coral reefs around.

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Fakieh Aquarium

Find 200 species of marine animals, with dolphin and sea lion displays every day. Most of the species here can also be found in the Red Sea, giving water averse visitors a glimpse of what they're missing.

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Floating Mosque

Jeddah is very proud of its floating mosque. Walk along the Red Sea coast via Cornish road to find it. If you visit by night, you'll see it lit up and it looks rather beautiful reflected in the surrounding water.

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King Fahd’s Fountain

Donated to the city by King Fahd, this fountain jets water up to a height of 300 metres above the Red Sea and is visible throughout the city. More than 500 spotlights illuminate it by night.

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Old Jeddah has a vibrant marketplace that houses many smaller markets, while Gabel Street Souq sells products such as perfumes and electronics, and Souq Al Jamia specialises in textiles.

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