Things to do in Al Asha

Al Ahsa is home to numerous shopping centres that stock all the global brand names and are housed in modern complexes. The Al-Bustan Mall is one of the largest commercial complexes and the Al-Ahsa Mall is the main shopping centre in the east of Al-Hafouf city.

Nearby you'll find the Jabal Al-Qarah caves, situated in the mountains and known for their tall cave passages, narrow canyons and the pottery works located there.

Al Ahsa is also home to the King Abdullah Environmental Park with its dancing fountains, abundant greenery, a Heritage Village and amusement rides.

Jabal Al-Qarah

The Jabal Al-Qarah caves have been sculpted by sandstorms and wind since the Upper Miocene to Lower Pliocene era. This has resulted in caves and stone formations of extraordinary shapes, and the carving of tall passageways and narrow canyons. Cool during summer and warm during winter they are approximately 13 km east of Al Hofuf and are well worth a visit.

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King Abdullah Environmental Park

If you're looking for peace and quiet, and a chance to reflect, head to the King Abdullah Environment Park. Occupying the largest area in the Eastern Province, the park includes dancing fountains, abundant greenery, pools and ponds, a Heritage Village and amusement rides to keep the kids happy (and the young at heart).

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Ladies’ Traditional Market

This market is located near the entrance of Al-Sweej Street. You'll find mostly women selling handmade products and materials sourced and made from the local environment. Visit the market to find rare goods such as Al Iqit (made from curd), Sidr Honey (taken from bees who feast on the pollen of the Sidr tree) and Al-Ahsa henna for decorating hands.

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