Why work in Oman?

Oman is situated on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula and shares borders with the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, with the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman on its shores.

The natural landscape varies dramatically from region to region. In some places, vast sandy deserts give way to immense stretches of rugged mountains, while in other areas the geography transforms suddenly from dry rocky valleys , known locally as ‘wadis’, to lush green plains watered by monsoon rains.

Nature lovers can go diving, dolphin-watching, hiking or off-road driving in the desert, while a trip across the border to Dubai is easily done by bus or car.

Oman's numerous expats make up almost a third of the total population, with overseas residents coming mainly from Britain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Lifestyle here depends on where you live; Muscat is highly Westernised, with lots of malls, restaurants, bars, sports clubs and entertainment venues.

The dress code in Oman is liberal, but women should wear tops with sleeves and long skirts or trousers. Men are required to wear long trousers and shirts with sleeves.

Given that the accommodation is paid for, and that rates of pay are excellent, many expats choose to work in Oman for a period to save money and return home having done exactly that. Being located in the Middle East also means many holiday destinations in Africa, India, Australia and South East Asia are much closer than from Europe.The official language is Arabic but English is widely spoken and always used by Pulse staff in their place of work.

Things to do in Oman

The Al Mirani and Al Jilali Forts in capital Muscat are some of the highest buildings in Oman. Other attractions include Mazirah Island, ideal for surfing and windsurfing, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Mutrrah Souk, the trading hub of Sohar, the traditional dhow building centre of Sur, the Rass Al Jinz Turtle sanctuary and the picturesque Telegraph Island.

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Jobs in Oman

Pulse is currently looking for nurses across a range of specialities to work in Oman. We currently have opportunities for registered general nurses (RGN), medical nurses and certified midwives (CNM), and opportunities for allied health professionals from a variety of specialisms. We are also looking for qualified consultants with CCST or equivalent qualifications.

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