Why work in Bahrain?

The only island-state in the Arab world, Bahrain is a peninsula of 33 islands with a combined area about the size of Singapore. Its sunny climate and excellent diving and watersports mean the number of non-Arab visitors is increasing year on year.

The name Bahrain means "two seas" and it was once viewed as an island paradise where the wise and the brave were taken to enjoy eternal life. In ancient times this was the location of the ancient civilisation of Dilmun, which prospered through dominating trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. Temples, ruins and burial mounds dot the landscape to this day and archaeologists are still working on excavations dating to 2500 BC.

Manama is modern and western, allowing alcohol to be sold and consumed and with fewer restrictions on dress than are found in other Middle Eastern countries. However the rhythms of life in much of Bahrain remain traditional. Women wear abayas and female visitors are expected to wear long skirts and avoid sleeveless or low cut tops and dresses.

Given that the accommodation is paid for, and that rates of pay are excellent, many expats choose to work in the Middle East for a period to save money and return home having done exactly that. Being located in the area also means many holiday destinations in Africa, India, Australia and South East Asia are much closer than from Europe.

Arabic is the official language but English is widely spoken and is always used by Pulse staff at their place of work.

Things to do in Bahrain

The Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir hosts the Bahrain Grand Prix once a year and offers a range of experiences for motor enthusiasts. History buffs will enjoy visiting the Bahrain fort that dates back to the 16th century and exhibits a variety of archaeological discoveries within its walls. Visitors to Bahrain can also enjoy a variety of water sports, mosques, souks and well stocked shopping centres.

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Jobs in Bahrain

Pulse is currently looking for nurses across a range of specialities to work in Bahrain. We currently have opportunities for registered general nurses (RGN), medical nurses and certified midwives (CNM) across a number of specialities including: A&E, cardiology, general nursing, home care, theatres and more. We also have opportunities for allied health professionals in Bahrain, across a range of specialisms.

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