Frequently asked questions

We've put together a list of the top 10 questions we get asked. If you still can't find what you're looking for in this section, contact us with your enquiry. 

  1. What is the typical working week in the Middle East?

    The working week in the Middle East is Sunday to Thursday, however due to shift work, you may be expected to work outside of this.  Please note that there are no extra provisions for working anti-social hours

  2. Can I take my dependants with me?

    This varies depending on your level of seniority. Most nursing contracts are single only but doctor’s contracts will typically include family benefits. It is possible to sponsor your family yourself but they would be solely your responsibility.

  3. When would I be expected to start work?

    From the point of accepting an offer and signing a contract, in most countries the process will take between 3-6 months before your first day. This does vary though from country to country.

  4. What does the benefits package include?

    All clients in the Middle East will cover the tickets for you to fly out at the start of your contract and return home at the end.  Accommodation will be provided however some clients may only offer this for your probationary period after which they will provide a housing/transport allowance for the remainder of your contract.

  5. What happens if I decide to end my contract earlier?

    Most clients will let you resign without any financial penalties, however it is always best to check and confirm this with your consultant when you are in process of accepting an offer as there are some exceptions.

  6. When should I resign from my current job?

    We advise that candidates do not hand in their notice until after they have been medically cleared by the client. However as the licensing process in some parts of the Middle East can take some time, it is always best to confirm this with your consultant.

  7. When can I take annual leave?

    You are not usually able to take any annual leave during your probationary period.

  8. How long will my probationary period last?

    While probation can vary from client to client, for most clients, the probationary period lasts 3 months.