CGL (Change, Grow, Live)

Master vendor for temporary medical staffing vacancies with Pulse Psychiatry.

Pulse Psychiatry are proud to work in partnership with CGL to help supply high-quality healthcare professionals to their services across the country. We are committed to CGL’s values; like us, they believe in people and want to make a positive change in the world.

Change, Grow, Live is a charitable organisation which provides help and support to adults, children, young people and their families who are battling substance misuse. Their services cover a wide variety of areas including health and wellbeing, substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice, domestic abuse and homelessness.

CGL’s approach is designed to encourage individuals to find strength and resources within themselves to achieve and sustain the life and behavioural changes they seek. CGL has more than 200 service locations across England, Scotland and wales with 57,000 people accessing their services daily.

At Pulse Psychiatry, we exclusively supply locums and permanent healthcare professionals to CGL. This includes substance misuse workers, psychiatrists and non-medical prescribers, all of which play an important and meaningful role in supporting CGL’s mission.


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