Meet the team

Lisa Thorp

I have had an interest in teaching and education since a young age. At university I studied Early Years Education and while, during my course, I realised that teaching was not for me I knew I wanted to work in the education field. After graduation I applied to work as a consultant for an Education Supply Agency, and for five years I managed a successful education agency business within Birmingham.

In 2009 I wanted to develop my career and wanted to understand the compliance and legislation that sits around recruitment further, therefore I moved from Education to Healthcare and joined Pulse. During the seven years I have been at Pulse I have worked as a Compliance Advisor, Compliance Manager and now a Business Process Manager.

Working with the Education Department and ensuring that they met all statutory/regulatory requirements by having the correct safeguarding processes in place has been a great opportunity for me as it has enabled me to combine my passion for education and my extensive knowledge of safer recruitment.

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Samantha Griggs

Samantha joined Pulse in 2014, with 20 years’ experience in public sector recruitment and a focus on SEN, she still enjoys hearing from candidates how their work at Pulse has been instrumental in their career path.

Samantha and her team help candidates get a greater variety of work and flexibility, ensuring job satisfaction and work life balance. They provide a personalised service for clients providing high quality, vetted classroom based staff for both long term and short term cover often at short notice.

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Andrew Jones

I’ve been passionate about education since taking on a mentoring position in a school as a teenager. When I graduated from university, I moved into a role teaching struggling students supplementary education courses at an after school centre. After moving to the UK from California 6 years ago, I’ve been deeply involved in helping the public sector deliver exemplary services by facilitating hires tailored for their needs.

I’m excited to marry those two ambitions and help schools across the country ensure students receive an outstanding education from passionate teachers.

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Keith Moyo

Raised in a family of educators, I naturally gravitated towards facilitating schools with the best teachers, mentors, and role models outside of the home.

I have been an education recruitment consultant for three years and I really enjoy it! Relationships with schools and teachers alike have never been so important and this makes our job as consultants very exciting.

At Pulse Education as we have a very supportive team of experienced specialists who work as a cohesive unit, and I am delighted to be part of a highly ambitious company with so many opportunities.

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Jordan Anwar

Having always admired the impact teachers have on their students’ futures, I wanted to be part of a sector that helps teachers find a school where they can make a difference. My main goal is for schools across the country to have teachers that will educate, inspire and motivate the next generation of students in the same way my teachers inspired me.

As an experienced recruiter who loves building relationships with schools and teachers alike, I joined a company that is as passionate as I am about finding the perfect teacher for our schools and the perfect school for our teachers.

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