Mental health support for your employees

As specialists in mental health, we can create tailored packages to meet the needs of your entire workforce, or specifically those who are feeling the effects of COVID-19.

Mental health assessments

We provide highly skilled mental health professionals to conduct employee mental health assessments, either face to face or remotely via our technology platform. We can provide a range of mental health professions relevant to the severity of the requirements. From mild to moderate presentations with a psychological wellbeing practitioner or counsellor, to escalated presentations that may require support from a CBT therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Mental health treatment

Typically delivered by a psychological wellbeing practitioner, psychologist, CBT therapist or counsellor, we offer treatment face to face or remotely via our technology platform for mild to moderate mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety (including health anxiety) and stress. Typically, we would offer a course of treatment between 6-10 sessions dependent on the need of the individual.

On-site mental health support

Pulse can provide a dedicated and qualified mental health practitioner to be based on-site at your premises on an ongoing basis to deliver unlimited individual and group support to employees as required.

Online group therapy and peer support

Facilitated by a mental health professional, group therapy helps participants to share personal experiences, feelings and issues and receive feedback and support from the rest of the group. We can offer online sessions for employees across multiple sites to fit in and around work commitments as appropriate.


If you’re interested in hearing more about the mental health services Pulse can offer or would like a quote, please contact Simon Greenhalgh on 07590011563 or Alternatively, please complete the short form below and we'll be in touch.