Candidate screening

Pulse ensures 100% safe recruitment

As a leading supplier of high-qualty healthcare staff, Pulse follows robust processes to ensure that everyone we supply is fully vetted, and cleared prior to placement, and that their recruitment compliance is maintained throughout their working time with us.

Our processes comply fully with NHS safeguarding and employment check standards, (including NHS Employers Employment Check Standards) and all statutory requirements, as well as best practice guidelines.

Our recruitment processes are designed to meet your needs, and we are able to incorporate specific recruitment checks you may need in to our processes in order to make the experience of using our healthcare workers as straightforward as possible.

As an overview, our process involves the following stages;

Quality guaranteed

We are confident in our recruitment processes, we audit our recruitment files on a regular basis to ensure our compliance at all times. This is further-substantiated by external auditing by NHS clients, and third party auditors, who have consistently awarded the highest possible ratings to Pulse.