ipoint Shiftfinder frequently asked questions

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about the ipoint Shiftfinder app to give you all the support you need.
I’m new to ipoint, how do I log in?

Our nursing, midwifery and theatres professionals are automatically registered to use the app when they join Pulse. This means creating a login is easy. Simply download the app and select “forgotten password”. Check your email for a “set password” link then create your password and login. That’s it, we already have your details so our systems will authenticate your details during this process to confirm your identity.

I’ve forgotten my password or username, what do I do?

Click here to learn how to reset your password.

I received a ‘password link expired’ error message, what does that mean?

Our password reset links are active for 24 hours once sent. Simply click ‘Forgotten password’ on the login page of the app again and repeat the process.

I’m experiencing issues creating a password, why is that?

Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, in order to keep your account safe and secure. Make sure that the password you are trying to use matches this criteria.

I’m struggling to register for an account, why is that?

To register for an account, you’ll need to input certain details that we already hold on file for you to verify your identity. Please check when registering that you’re using the correct email address, mobile number or DOB. Another reason could be that you already have an account with ipoint.

My account is locked, what shall I do?

Please email us at ipoint.servicedesk@pulsejobs.com and our team will be happy to unlock it for you.

Why am I unable to find shifts?

If you’re not seeing many shifts in your search here’s a few things you can do:
1. Use the “Search all shifts” function to widen the search and filter as necessary
2. Try widening the radius, this will open the search to more available shifts
3. Add extra availability – we may not have something for the specific dates and times you have specified
4. If you are still unable to find shifts, please call your consultant so we can check your account

Why is ipoint not allowing me to book shifts?

Try checking the following:

  1. Check that your compliance is in date for the shift you are trying to book
  2. Make sure there has been at least eight hours between your last worked shift
  3. If you haven’t worked with us in the last 3 months, you’ll need to contact the team to update your bank details so we can pay you on time

Need further help?

Our team is always on hand to support you. Get in touch using your preferred contact method:  

Tel: 0333 577 3600  

Email: ipoint.servicedesk@acaciumgroup.com  

Alternatively, you can call your consultant for help or advice or access help by clicking ‘Need help?’ on the login page. From this page, you’ll be able to call or email our team for assistance.