Continuing professional development (CPD) for revalidation

The requirements

CPD is a learning activity that you carry out separately from your normal practice and is different from the everyday learning that all healthcare professionals will engage with.

You must complete 35 hours of CPD relevant to your scope of practice and out of those 35 hours, at least 20 must be participatory learning. It’s important that you maintain accurate records of the CPD you complete and within that include:

  • The CPD method
  • A description of the topic and how it relates to your scope of practice
  • The dates on which the activity was undertaken
  • The number of hours (including participatory hours)
  • The identification of the part of the Code most related to the activity
  • Evidence that you undertook the activity

More about participatory learning

Examples of participatory learning can include attending a conference, taking part in a workshop or attending a relevant training course. It can also include group meetings outside of everyday practice, for example to discuss a specific event or new way of working.

Ways you can evidence your learning:

  • Certificates
  • Attendance registers
  • Electronic record of CPD from employer
  • Emails – this can be to confirm actual attendance (booking confirmation is not evidence of attendance) and must include the date, duration and topic of training or meeting from the training provider or from the person who delivered the training, facilitated the meeting or supervised
  • Copy of online learning account with the modules completed from a University or other training provider
  • Assessment in practice/competency document or signed learning outcomes
  • Minutes from meetings (other participants will need to be redacted)
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Testimonies
  • Letters e.g. confirming attendance, secondment

Non-participatory learning

Non-participatory learning can be undertaken alone. This can include online courses and independent learning which can be researching from the internet, books, reports, journals or observations from practice.

Evidence which can be used:

  • Certificates
  • Website address that was accessed documented on the CPD log
  • Reference for the article or book documented on the CPD log
  • Copy of a publication or report
  • Notes or observations made during independent study

Appraisal and revalidating activities

Our dedicated revalidation support team is on hand to support you through appraisal and revalidation activities, including:

  • Administration support
  • Appraisal management
  • Patient and colleague feedback management (using Doctor 360°)
  • Appraisal facilitation
  • Appraisal and revalidation follow up
  • Software solutions
  • CPD approved seminars, events and online courses

Need revalidation support?

Pulse has a dedicated nursing team on hand to support you through the revalidation process. If you require Pulse to provide evidence of practice hours or CPD hours undertaken with us, please complete the short form below.

If Pulse is your main provider of work, we can also help you with:

  • Reviewing your reflective accounts and providing support before your reflective discussion
  • Undertaking your reflective discussion
  • Acting as your confirmer