2022 Pulse Awards shortlist

We’re delighted to announce our shortlisted nominees for the 2022 Pulse Awards. The shortlist represents the very best healthcare professionals in the industry, from those who have years of experience through to our rising stars.

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Nurse, midwife, ODP and HCA categories

Nurse of the Year

Jacqui Oster-Ritter

Emergency nurse and part-time rugby team medic, Jacqui, is so passionate about the profession, that she knew she wanted to be a nurse from age four and is the first in her family to go into nursing. She’s described as always being happy with a mischievous side and is the definition of a genuinely excellent nurse. She loves making a difference to her patients’ lives, even if it’s just a cuddle or reassuring words, and says there’s no better feeling than seeing someone so unwell get better and leave the hospital. She would never do anything else.

Paulito Castino

Originally from the Philippines, intensive care nurse, aspiring vlogger (with over 11k subscribers!), and adventurer Paulito, has been nursing for over 21 years in the UK. He’s generous, kind-hearted, and loves helping people. For him, the most rewarding part of the job is nursing his patients back to health and seeing them transition from being critically ill to on the path to recovery. As well as saving patients’ lives, he regularly volunteers with community projects with his local church.  

Rubby Bvunzawabaya

No matter what, you’ll always find dedicated A&E nurse Rubby, who has been nursing in the UK since 2000, singing and dancing, bringing happiness and smiles to her patients and colleagues. She regularly travels to Wales to help out struggling A&E departments and makes sure that patients receive the best care. Rubby always knew she wanted to be a nurse from a young age and thrives off how advanced medicine, kindness, and compassion can bring about a chance and change in human life. 

Midwife of the Year

Charlotte Agunbiade

Charlotte, who specialises in acute high-risk maternity care, knew that she wanted to be a midwife since she was a young teenager and says she will never get tired of bringing new life into the world and meeting people from all walks of life. She’s a well-received agency midwife who is hard-working and a great team player, committed to supporting families through some of the most challenging times. She’s keen to learn new things and develop, so she can always bring the best care to her patients the way she would expect her loved ones to be cared for.

Fiona Twist

After returning from living overseas, music-loving Fiona enrolled at Chester University to study midwifery aged 40, where her passion for the profession and love of learning led to a 1st class degree. Fiona continues to develop her skills through advanced master’s modules while working on a fast-paced labour ward with her team. What might surprise you about Fiona is she rides a motorbike, a big one! She is extremely dedicated and hard-working and can make people laugh.

Nazia Abidin

Bookworm and netballer, Nazia, remembers starting her midwifery degree as a petrified 18yearold and qualified in 2001. She’s now an invaluable asset to the teams she works with and a loyal Pulse worker who regularly receives glowing feedback from her colleagues. She predominately works on the labour ward and loves the pace, excitement, and unpredictability it can bring.

ODP of the Year

Beverley Sterling

Beverley is a long-serving, loyal and committed ODP who lives the Pulse core values and is a joy to speak to. Beverley chose her career as an ODP because she genuinely cares about people who are unable to take care of themselves due to age or illness. Compassionate, attentive, patient and dependable are all words which best describe Beverley’s character. She teaches, motivates and offers invaluable support to students and other staff around her. Beverley first joined Pulse in June of 1995 and has worked with some of the UK’s most prestigious, world-renowned NHS and private hospitals, making many good friendships and leaving a long-lasting impression with people.

Denise Bradley

Denise has worked full-time in the profession for over 41 years, witnessed and participated in the making of preoperative history, and played a part in the evolution of anaesthesia and surgery. She’s known for bringing her heart to work and smiling through every shift to reassure patients and encourage staff to feel positive and supported. She’s part of a big theatre family, stretching from Essex to the East Midlands, and takes pleasure in nurturing her team. At age 50, Denise took up scuba diving and has impressively iceclimbed waterfalls in Norway and been on the world’s fastest zip line.

Shaun Clarke

Shaun has been working with Pulse for over 14 years and is incredibly hardworking, committed and strives to give the best of himself whichever trust he works with. Clients regularly request Shaun to be booked for additional shifts which can only mean he’s leaving a lasting impression within every trust he’s placed at. Shaun is a loving father of two daughters and describes his devotion to the work he does with Pulse as a balanced life, where he can still find the freedom and flexibility to work as well as be there for his family.

Support Star of the Year

Endurance Akanmwan

Chatty chappy Endurance is a valued member of the Pulse team and works as a healthcare assistant within the prison setting. He’s been in the profession for over six years and is very hard-working, reliable, disciplined, and a pleasure to speak to. 

Ifeyinwa Nwoha

Senior healthcare assistant Ifeyinwa was born and raised in Nigeria and moved to the UK in her early twenties. Helping people has always been in her heart, and she started her career in healthcare in 2015. She was one of the first healthcare professionals to support the Nightingale hospital set up during Covid-19, and she is known for her reliability and flexibility. Although challenging at times, her passion for helping the most vulnerable is her primary motivator. She loves the unpredictability of the role and that she can make a difference in ways few people get the chance to.  

Joanne Wright

Jo is cool, calm, and collected and has been a healthcare assistant for over 20 years. She gained most of her experience and skills working in research at a cancer hospital and says the best part of her job is being able to help people and bring a smile to their faces. Her colleagues describe her as a dab-hand at every aspect of the role, a fantastic support, and say that nothing is ever too much. 

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award will celebrate a healthcare professional who is at the start of their career with Pulse. Some who immediately demonstrates exceptional qualities that embody the best of the healthcare industry, delivering excellent levels of care to inspire others.

Georgia Austick

Georgia’s peers feel extremely lucky to have worked alongside her in the vaccination bank at CUH. Here she demonstrated that she is hardworking, extremely flexible, capable of being in charge and most importantly so very kind and compassionate with patients who she always puts first. Georgia has been in the healthcare industry for the past five years. Her passion for nursing stemmed from a five-year career in the makeup industry where she helped ladies undergoing chemotherapy through the art of makeup. Georgia fell in love with nursing because she knew it would allow her to make a positive difference in the lives of others every day.  

Saiful Anwar

Saiful works extremely hard, puts in long hours, and is willing to travel far and wide for his passion. Recently making a tough choice to leave further medical studies to pursue his life passion for nursing, his commitment and devotion to the job shines through every day. It is so great to see someone do something they love and have such a natural ability for. Saiful began in healthcare as a housekeeper when he was 16, and in the following 22 years has progressed to the level of specialist nurse. He has been working with Pulse for the last year and immediately embodied the Pulse ethos to promote diversity and inclusivity, championing this in the workplace. Saiful frequently dedicates his spare time to volunteering work, especially for the Bangladeshi community.  

Samra Mehmood

Samra has played a valuable part in a project in Birmingham supporting blood testing in the community, always treating her patients with care and making the experience a smooth and pleasant one. Samra has been a consistent and reliable worker and her colleagues and peers describe her as an absolute pleasure to work with, leading by example in everything she does.

Always By Your Side Award

This award is in honour of long-standing service, celebrating all the achievements of an outstanding healthcare professional who has devoted themselves to the work they do through Pulse to make a difference in people’s lives.

Elizabeth Drury

Liz always takes her time with all her patients to give them excellent care, empathy and compassion. The feedback she receives from her patients and colleagues is exceptional. Liz grew up in Cheshire and came to Cambridge to complete her nurse training at Addenbrookes and qualified in 1990. She has been working for Pulse for over eight years and loves the variety of work, taking on posts such as college nurse, research projects, vaccinations as well as many different wards in local hospitals. She always looks after patients’ needs as though they were her own family and inspires others to deliver the best possible care. “She really is one in a million.” 

Jupano Sali

Jupano, lovingly referred to as JJ, has worked for Pulse for many years. JJ is not only passionate about providing the best care for his patients but is also passionate about looking after his colleagues at work. He has a vast knowledge base and always passes on his skills and knowledge through helping and mentoring his fellow team and new staff on the floor. Throughout the pandemic, JJ gave everything through such a difficult and traumatic time. He supported not only in a practical way, but he listened, he empathised, and he always managed to get others through. JJ’s passion and charisma brought some very light relief in an exhausting environment. 

Lindsey Caldecott

Lindsey has been a paediatric nurse now for 14 years, and her passion for her career is paramount. Lindsey’s commitment to providing excellent, safe, and compassionate patient care has been noticed by not only the patients and families she cares for but also by her colleagues whilst on shift. Feedback received from patients is that they feel confident knowing that Lindsey is caring for them each shift, as she provides an individualised patient-centred care and involves them in the planning of their own care. Feedback received from staff in the clinical area is that they feel extremely supported when Lindsey is on shift, in knowing that she “has their backs.” This is a pleasure to watch and is an absolute credit to Lindsey and her passion to provide that safe, compassionate care to all.  

Putting People First Award

This award celebrates the significant contribution made by someone whose commitment to compassionate care in unwavering. It aims to recognise someone who makes a difference at work every day, and goes above and beyond in their duties, always putting people first.

Hakmah Ali

Hakmah graduated as a nurse in 2016 and has always wanted to work in A&E, specifically in a trauma centre where she devotes herself to helping others in need of serious care. Hakmah is especially committed to putting people first and is extremely accommodating to patients needs. Described by colleagues as a very outgoing advanced nurse, she has come across many challenging situations and she always makes it out perfectly, communicating with patients and listening to their needs. Hakmah is always very helpful and understanding, no matter the pressure or situation at work and ensures patients are always met with respect and dignity.

Louise Barrett

Since qualifying as a children’s nurse in 2011, Louise has worked clinically and managerially, in a range of settings. She is extremely passionate about highquality nursing care, which was recognised when she was a finalist in the Nursing Standard Patient Choice awards for her commitment to her work. To share her passion and enthusiasm with future nurses, Louise works part time for Pulse and part time as a lecturer in Children’s Nursing at Kingston University. Louise has been nominated for the Putting People First award because of her unrelenting compassion, care and skill. She receives exceptional feedback from patients and their families, as well as her department who describe her level of care as outstanding and someone who consistently goes above and beyond.   

Melville Garber

Melville has worked substantively in the NHS frontline for over 18 years in various roles and specifically as a mental health nurse, with Pulse for over eight years. He takes pride in having worked with Pulse in practically every healthcare setting over the years and serving different client groups with different needs, and meeting those needs, with the patient at the centre of the care. Melville receives commendations and expressions of gratitude from clients who describe him as someone who goes the extra mile to support patient needs. Empathy is the driver for Melville’s excellence in the workplace, always putting people first and inspiring others to adopting this philosophy.  

Driven By Excellence Award

This award will recognise someone who receives excellent feedback on countless occasions. Their hard work and dedication is recognised wherever they work, and they are praised by clients on a regular basis for their professional conduct and inspiring others to be driven by excellence in the workplace.

Angel Casano

Registered nurse and family man, Angel, grew up surrounded by healthcare professionals, where his interest in the medical field flourished. He’s been specialising in ICU for over 20 years and previously worked at Medical City, one of Manila’s largest territory hospitals. Committed to broadening his knowledge and expertise in the profession, Angel also enrolled in a post-graduate ICU course at the University of Southampton and said there is nothing more rewarding than saving lives and seeing patients recover. He loves experiencing new cultures; he has been to more than 22 countries across Europe, Asia, and the US. Angel is known to be one of the most reliable and knowledgeable nurses on the job and sets an example on a daily basis providing exceptional care for patients.  

Angela Campbell Wilkinson

A&E nurse, Angela completed her training in 2002 with five children in tow. Despite issues with her health, she has continued to work in a busy A&E department, as patient care is her passion. She’s described as super hardworking and constantly receives positive comments about her patient care. During the pandemic, she picked up weekly shifts to ensure patients were always cared for in the best way possible, even when lying in a corridor. She loves nursing and would be bored doing anything else, describing her favourite part of the job as seeing her patients feeling safe and comfortable. 

Victoria Bhatt

Victoria graduated in 2006, and her career has since led her through various nursing roles, predominately in A&E and public health. With 16 years of experience, Victoria’s calm and positive nature and attention to detail put her patients at ease in the most challenging times. Most recently, she’s been invited to lead a pilot as a medical navigator and developed service links for a maternity unit’s IT system for new-borns receiving the BCG vaccine. She recently ran the Brighton marathon to raise money for sepsis awareness, a cause close to her heart, and on her bucketlist is volunteering in a developing country with her family. Victoria has been described as a “wonder nurse” who genuinely cares so much about her patients and other staff members.

Allied health, psychiatry and psychological therapies categories

Allied Health Professional of the Year

Luke Mitchell

Luke began his career in occupational therapy after seeing the positive impact that the profession had on his grandfather after he had a stroke. Occupational therapists were always his grandad’s most favoured clinicians throughout his rehabilitation as they focused on his meaningful daily activities. 

For the past two years, Luke has been working predominantly with stroke patients in a range of settings including acute/hyper acute and community-based rehabilitation, in both private and NHS. 

His career has not been without challenges; Luke took a big jump by moving to the UK after Covid to seek new opportunities, both personally and clinically, as well as to further develop his skills. He has adapted to our way of working very quickly and has received multiple job offers, as well as excellent feedback from his managers, describing him as a ‘pleasure to work with’. 

Lynn Maina

Specialist Occupational Therapist, Lynn, is described by her peers as having a formidable reputation within the mental health sector and “one of the best occupational therapists” that clients have worked with.  

Lynn has been practicing as an OT since 2015 in mental health services, acute inpatient wards, and psychiatric intensive care units. Her interest in healthcare was ignited when she was appointed as a young ambassador for the Prince’s Trust programme in 2009.  

She has volunteered with charities such as Scope, Age Concern and Willow Hood Hospice, and loves how occupational therapy implements a ‘holistic approach to healthcare, with an emphasis on sensitivity, and compassion for patients’ difficulties and challenges.’ 

Lynn particularly loves connecting with different people, learning their stories, and using her clinical skills to progress them in their recovery journey, improving their quality of life and overall happiness. 

Susan Gara

‘Outstanding’ occupational therapist, Susan, has a person-centred approach to delivering care, always focusing on what matters to the patient. 

Susan always knew she wanted to be an occupational therapist, training on an in-service course and then beginning her early career in old age psychiatry and early onset dementia. Having previously worked in the army as a military policewoman, Susan felt an advantage working with older people who had served during World War II. Through hard work and determination, Susan obtained a first-class honours degree at the same time, whilst also having her son. 

 Her career flourished and saw her work as a clinician, lecturer, therapy clinical lead, advanced therapy practitioner, and also obtaining her Master’s. Susan then joined Pulse as a loyal locum with the same passion and pride for her profession that has seen her progress through the ranks in her career.  

Psychiatrist of the Year

Dr Mathe

Dr Molefi Mathe is described by his peers as a wonderful psychiatrist. He has been a loyal Pulse locum for over 10 years and is a pleasure to work with’. During his career he has amassed over a decade of experience in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry field, making a significant positive impact on his patients and his colleagues who work alongside him.  

Currently working in CAMHS, Dr Mathe recently received funding to teach music production to a young person and they are now preparing to present what she has learnt from Dr Mathe in an event in February. 

Another significant achievement this year is the establishment of his Music and Mind Show at renowned Reform radio; a show where he invites mental health professionals across the board, as well as patients, to bring music to the station and discuss topical issues in the world of mental health. 

Dr Murthy

Dr Adi Murthy’s passion and perseverance has been demonstrated in his current job; a role which is very challenging, and one which sees other locums leaving after a few weeks. Fast-forward 18 months later and he is still there, having completely turned the ward around. He has had such an amazing impact on the trust and his patients that they have now offered him a role in a brand-new service where he will be leading the team. It’s safe to say that his hard work and determination are making a huge print on people’s lives.

Dr Murthy is an asset to Pulse, representing us every day in his work and producing the results he has, anyone should be extremely proud and honoured to work with him. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Dr Murthy and his career as he continues to progress in the Psychiatry industry supporting his patients on their road to recovery.

Dr Malekniazi

Dr Daryoush Malekniazi is one of the longest standing Pulse Psychiatry Doctors. He is a delight to work with and has always shown great loyalty. Everywhere he works, he receives outstanding feedback from colleagues and clients about his devotion to work, and his compassionate care.

Dr Malekniazi is a credit to Pulse, representing our core values in such a positive way.

Psychologist of the Year

Andrea Limberti

“Andrea is one of the kindest and nicest psychologists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He approaches everything with a smile”. 

A sport-lover and travel enthusiast, Andrea was one of the first three Italian Neuropsychologists to plan and fulfil the entire pathway for awake brain surgery. This resulted in the risk of cognitive sequelae, due to brain surgery, reducing from 32.8% (in general anaesthesia) to 0.1% (in awake condition). His data was published in the Acta Neurochirurgica journal and he presented his results to the European Conference for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery.  

Amongst many other tenures, Andrea joined Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital as Principal Neuropsychologist to help with the cognitive sequelae of Long Covid, creating a neuropsychological protocol for assessments and a remote protocol of rehabilitation. 

He also spent three months during Covid-19 in Italy, volunteering for the Red Cross in a centre for refugees.   

Dr Robert Agnew

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Agnew, is described by his peers as ‘incredibly loyal, hard-working, reliable and dedicated’. 

An associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, Dr Agnew boasts a phenomenal range of expertise, specialising in neurodiversity, autism, ADHD, and complex diagnosis. He also has a background in OCD, general psychiatry, and brain injury and impressively set up services in autism, brain injury, neuropsychiatry, and general psychiatry. 

He is also on the General Medical Council’s roster of experts for fitness-to-practice tribunals, the British Psychological Society’s Practice Standards and Guidelines working group, and is co-chair of the British Psychological Society’s Section of Sexualities.

On top of all that, Dr Agnew passionately raises awareness of LGBTQ+ communities by teaching in universities, writing, and through his work in performance acts. 

Giulia Maccarini

Musical-theatre lover, Giulia, has been a psychologist for over 10 years, describing how the world of psychology chose her. With a passion for encouraging people to search for self-knowledge, Giulia provides a non-judgmental, empathic and patient-centred approach, and teaches people to prioritise their mental health in the same way we do for physical health, helping to remove any bias on seeking psychological help. 

Giulia’s background involves a range of different specialities that span from health psychology and neurodevelopment, to neuroscience and maternal healthcare, and in the past few years, she has focused on working with autism in pre- and post-diagnostic care with both children and adults.   

Giulia receives glowing feedback, with peers describing her as extremely loyal, and a dedicated, hardworking and reliable professional, who is always warm and friendly to speak with.  

Talking Therapist of the Year

James Thompson

‘Exceptional’ talking therapist, James, receives nothing but brilliant feedback from his colleagues. He has been working in a therapeutic environment for 12 years; starting out as a volunteer alcohol counsellor, then gaining accreditation and working in some of Glasgow’s most deprived areas, before qualifying as a cognitive behavioural therapist in 2013.  

Working mainly as a private practitioner, James also works with a suicide prevention charity, providing therapeutic support to young people and adults. He has also worked as a locum high intensity CBT therapist where he helped to reduce waiting lists within the IAPT service. 

James knows ‘what it is like not to be ok’ and does all he can to bring down the barriers to mental health services. Aside from breaking mental health stigmas, James’ main passion is his family, who he credits for their support over the years, making him the person he is today.  

John Chin

Beginning his mental health career in the mid-1970s, John went on to train in Behaviour Therapy, Social Learning Theory, and CBT – to name a few. After working as a senior manager and clinical therapist, he became the only CBT therapist at a mental health trust in London, whilst obtaining his MSc in Applied Psychology and his PhD in Labelling and Stigma.  

During an early retirement in Malaysia, John volunteered with children with learning disabilities, and offered free adult CBT sessions. He also wrote a fortnightly mental health column for a national newspaper, helping to break the stigma in Malaysia.  

John missed the therapeutic relationship and so began work as a locum CBT back in the UK.  After 10 years with Pulse, he still receives amazing feedback from every placement and would be taken back without a second thought by many services he has worked with. 

Palvisha Iqbal

Palvisha has been working within the healthcare service for the last nine years, making the move to psychological wellbeing practitioner (PWP) in recent years. She has received excellent feedback from clients and colleagues alike and has cultivated strong therapeutic relationships. Consistently providing high quality standards of care, Palvisha ensures the safety of her clients and practice, and always improves on her knowledge by regularly undertaking CPD and keeping up-to-date with mandatory training.  

Alongside working as a PWP, Palvisha is a university PWP clinical teacher. She is grateful not only to do the job she loves, helping others and improving their quality of life, but to also teach other trainees on their journey to becoming a talking therapist. Palvisha loves making a difference to someone’s life, and it’s clear to see this is what she strives for in both her clinical and educational roles.   

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award will celebrate a healthcare professional who is at the start of their career with Pulse. Some who immediately demonstrates exceptional qualities that embody the best of the healthcare industry, delivering excellent levels of care to inspire others.

Amandine Boulanger

Amandine has been working with Pulse for nine months as a therapy assistant and has already received amazing feedback from the client she is working with. Amandine is now working towards her HCPC registration so that she can practice as a qualified OT and has gained so much knowledge and experience in her role which will make her an excellent occupational therapist. Amandine has worked in a variety of settings with various client groups. Last year, Amandine was curious to discover the work life of an occupational therapist in the UK and challenged herself to move from abroad to pursue her dream career in London. 

Adam Priestley

Adam has been qualified as a psychologist for just over a year but has spent the four years before this training as a counselling psychologist. Adam has worked both in the public and private sectors over the last five years primarily focusing on sharpening his skills as a therapist but also training others on mental health awareness and resource development. He earnt his first start in this field by volunteering with Childline which inspired him to acquire the required skills and devote his career to helping others.  

Jade Webb

Jade qualified as a psychological well-being practitioner in August 2022. She has a profound passion for the work she does, relishing the opportunity to support different people from all walks of life on a daily basis. Jade is a role model in her industry, especially when it comes to teaching her clients tools and techniques which they can use forever and making a huge difference to patients lives. After accepting one of her three successful interviews on her first assignment with Pulse, we received brilliant feedback from her manager after her first couple of weeks. She has proven that she is capable to hit the ground running and is setting a path to have a very successful career.  

Always By Your Side Award

This award is in honour of long-standing service, celebrating all the achievements of an outstanding healthcare professional who has devoted themselves to the work they do through Pulse to make a difference in people’s lives.

Lyn Sutcliffe

Lyn has worked as a psychologist in the NHS for over 30 years and heads up the Directorate of Psychology in an NHS Trust in the North of England but also fulfils a role with Pulse in which she leads on the provision of one-on-one psychological therapies. Lyn has been nominated for the ‘Always By Your Side Award’ because of the extraordinary difference her work with Pulse has made to the lives of people accessing psychological therapy services. She has received consistently high ratings from the people she has worked with, and the time and dedication Lyn has given to ensuring this service meets the needs of staff is exemplary. She always goes above and beyond and completes a huge amount of hours each week across two roles – she is always on hand offering unrelenting support.   

Gregory Murphy  

Gregory has been a physiotherapist for over 25 years, working in what he describes as the most rewarding profession he could have ever wished for. Gregory has worked with Pulse since 2011 and in that time, has worked across the country at some very specialised rehabilitation centres, developing expert clinical skills, and pathing the way for his colleagues. Gregory receives amazing feedback from clients about his work ethic and delivery of therapy, described as a ‘true asset by the teams he has worked with. During the pandemic, Gregory willingly offered his support to the Nightingale Hospital where he covered a number of shifts, travelling from Blackburn to London, whenever there was a need for a specialist physio like Gregory. He is fantastic to work with and is always great to communicate with.  

Louise Wooddisse

Louise has worked within the National Health Service in mental health as a Cognitive Behavioural psychotherapist and EMDR therapist for the past seven years. Currently, her role includes working for the Defence Community Mental Health Service supporting serving members of the Armed Forces. This is an area of particular interest for Louise due to her having been part of the military community for the past 23 years and having spent much of that time enjoying working within the welfare and community sector of the army. Louise is hugely passionate about her profession and regards it as a great privilege to be able to support her clients.Louise has been described as “one of the kindest people to have ever had the pleasure of working with.”  

Putting People First Award

This award celebrates the significant contribution made by someone whose commitment to compassionate care in unwavering. It aims to recognise someone who makes a difference at work every day, and goes above and beyond in their duties, always putting people first.

Clint Collins

No matter the situation, Clint is always committed to his work, is loved by his colleagues, and constantly receives amazing feedback from clients. Clint has been working in healthcare particularly in the mental health settings for over 20 years. He has worked in mental health advocacy and mental health support work and as a recovery college tutor, assistant psychologist, psychological wellbeing practitioner and currently as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. He personifies immense passion for his work, describing his devotion to helping people in all aspects of mental health, from alleviating distress, to overcoming major obstacles or difficulties in their lives.  

Dominique Pollastri

Dominique has been working as a social worker since 1994 and is entirely devoted to the job. Helping people is a core part of being a social worker and Domonique is an advocate for children and adults who have often had adverse circumstances in their lives. Helping children and adults to realise their potential has been Dominique’s mantra at work and it has been very rewarding to see some of the children she has worked with overcome mental health, financial, cultural and family difficulties – and go on to interesting careers or to university. 

Nathaniel Omoregie

Nathanial has been working as a physiotherapist for almost 10 years. He has a hugely admired passion for the job and receives glowing appreciation from clients and the patients he supports. Nathaniel describes the way he can make a huge difference in peoples’ lives as “the greatest reward”. He enjoys that every day is something different and a new challenge, helping so many people throughout his career journey. Nathanial inspires others, understands sympathy, and empathy and also knows when to take the lead to support others around him.

Driven By Excellence Award

This award will recognise someone who receives excellent feedback on countless occasions. Their hard work and dedication is recognised wherever they work, and they are praised by clients on a regular basis for their professional conduct and inspiring others to be driven by excellence in the workplace.

Jacqueline Tate

Expert Occupational Therapist, Jacqueline qualified in 2007 and has been supporting individuals to flourish after a period of physical or mental health ever since. She thrives on helping people achieve their goals and is considered a knowledgeable professional, keen to promote clinical reasoning in others. She has worked with Pulse since 2015 and is an asset to any team she works with, constantly receiving outstanding references from her peers. Jacqueline describes herself as positive and hopeful and loves how her career has enabled her to meet many wonderful and exciting professionals and travel the world.

Natalie Murray

Natalie has been working as a therapist for nine years in total, first starting out with Living Without Abuse before joining the Pulse team. Over the years, she has had the privilege of assisting front line healthcare workers as they bravely served during the pandemic and women who have suffered with abuse and domestic violence. It can be difficult at times to find someone who will take the time to listen, understand and empathise fully. Natalie says she chose this profession to ensure she could be that person for those people suffering. The difference she makes in the lives of the people she works with is widely recognised. 

Dr Hlebarov

Dr Petar Hlebarov is a determined, hard-working, and responsible doctor who can work efficiently under pressure. He’s an enthusiastic and helpful individual with a strong moral character. As well as being a keen tennis player and traveller, he’s highly dedicated to his profession and always eager to learn new skills, improving patient care. He’s been working as a locum doctor in the UK for over 12 years and never fails to impress, constantly receiving excellent references. 

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