2022 Pulse Awards categories

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Healthcare professional of the year categories

Our healthcare professional of the year awards will honour those who go the extra mile. Those who act as role models and continually work to an incredibly high standard. The people we know who inspire and encourage everyone around them. Our nominees will be recognised for their outstanding contributions to the healthcare sector, their commitment to delivering the highest levels of compassionate care and the outstanding impact they have in improving patients’ lives.

Every single person that receives a nomination should feel incredibly proud of themselves for going above and beyond to support our patients and communities.

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Nurse of the Year

Nurses not only posses clinical experience and expertise, but also the ability to care for their patients in a compassionate and kind manner. They play a vital role in managing and caring for patients, as well as offering support where needed.

Midwife of the Year

Midwifery requires a very special dedication; it’s much more than safely delivering babies. A midwife is usually the first and main contact for an expectant mother. A good midwife can make a huge difference to mother and baby during this important time.

Operating Department Practitioner of the Year

ODPs play a critical role, providing care and support before, during and after surgery. Patients will see them as a friendly face during this often daunting period, making sure they have the smoothest experience possible.

Support Star of the Year

Healthcare assistants and support workers are often the unsung heroes of the healthcare sector. The support they provide to patients and other healthcare professionals is critical to providing the best patient care possible.

Psychiatrist of the Year

Psychiatrists play a crucial role in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental health conditions. They help patients manage a wide range of disorders and contribute to the health and mental wellbeing of people all across the country.

Psychologist of the Year

Psychologists work with people on a wide range of mental and physical health problems. They aim to reduce psychological distress and promote psychological well-being, a critical role that serves many people.

Talking Therapist of the Year

Talking therapists listen and help patients find answers to problems without judgement. They give patients the time they need to reflect, consider and think about their issues. They offer a safe space for many people and carry out incredibly valuable work.

Allied Health Professional of the Year

AHPs provide system-wide care to assess, treat, diagnose and discharge patients. Through adopting an holistic approach to healthcare, AHPs are able to help manage patients’ care throughout the life course from birth to palliative care.

Awards open to all professionals

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award will celebrate a healthcare professional who is at the start of their career with Pulse. Some who immediately demonstrates exceptional qualities that embody the best of the healthcare industry, delivering excellent levels of care to inspire others.

Always By Your Side Award

This award is in honour of long-standing service, celebrating all the achievements of an outstanding healthcare professional who has devoted themselves to the work they do through Pulse to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Putting People First Award

This award celebrates the significant contribution made by someone whose commitment to compassionate care in unwavering. It aims to recognise someone who makes a difference at work every day, and goes above and beyond in their duties, always putting people first.

Driven By Excellence Award

This award will recognise someone who receives excellent feedback on countless occasions. Their hard work and dedication is recognised wherever they work, and they are praised by clients on a regular basis for their professional conduct and inspiring others to be driven by excellence in the workplace.  

Voting is closed. We’ll announce our winners shortly.