Child Care Worker Survey

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Child Care Worker Survey


We want to hear your stories. We understand that childcare is a highly rewarding job but it is also a difficult one. Children have boundless energy and a limitless imagination, meaning they can give as much to you through job satisfaction, and fun, as well as take from you by being stubborn and emotionally draining.

Do you have any occasions you can recall when working as a Pulse Child Care Crew carer when the children in your care have been particularly challenging, or made you laugh out loud. Share with us your stories and let us know how you handled the situation. We will share best practices with your peers so you can learn from each other’s experience. It also helps to know you are not alone in your difficulties.

This is a short survey with only five questions, and will only take as long as your stories. Please take the survey here.

Things to remember while representing Pulse Child Care Crew

We are fully confident in your ability as a child carer and believe that when you are with the clients, you will always behave in a professional and appropriate manner, however there are some things you can do to help you stand out from the crowd and will ensure you are asked for in future.

  • Don’t just be punctual, plan to arrive 10 minutes in advance of your shift. That way you can settle in before your shift starts and be fully prepared when you clock in.
  • Ensure your uniform is clean and well presented and that you wear your name badge and hat.
  • Always introduce and identify yourself as being from Pulse Child Care Crew when at a new service.
  • Always switch your mobile off while on duty, under no circumstances should you use your phone while working with children.
  • When you are not working with the children, be proactive. Look for something to do and be confident in showing initiative. If you are not sure what to do, find your supervisor and ask them.

We have found that our Crew who behave this way get asked back by name more often.


To ensure we can provide you with regular work, and give you repeat business when asked for by the client, we need to know your availability. Make sure you let us know each week when you can and cannot work.

Once booked into your shift, you will receive a confirmation text message. If you do not receive one, please get in touch with us before going to your shift.

If you cannot make your shift for whatever reason, make sure you call and speak to one of the Pulse girls and let us know. This is the best way to make sure we know you are no longer available as texts and voicemails may not reach us until it is too late.

If you need to call us out of the hours of 7am – 6pm, make sure you call the out of hours number 0410 669 195.

Arts and Craft Corner

Oobleck: Liquid or solid?

This is a fun experiment which has will give you a chance to show the fun in science. Warning: It is a messy hands on experiment. All you need is two cups of water for every cup of corn flour. A bit of food colouring can make it a little more colourful.

When you mix the ingredients together, it will create a non Newtonian fluid which is a liquid which when energy is applied to it, takes on the properties of a solid. You can see some experiments of this on this video.

A fun way to show this off to children is to have them run their hands through it, maybe picking up a ball of it, and throw it around, or simply poke it in a bowl. This experiment will give the children hours of fun as they experiment with how they can manipulate this oobleck.

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    Hello went into the city to register with pulse over two years ago maybe less ? But in all this time I've had one shift with pulse ! Maybe a few times offered shifts but was already Woking or had other commitments but over all not alot of work like I was under the understanding that there would be ? This is why I'm working at a centre in this area as a casual even though sometimes that gets quiet , once I had a call at 3pm in the afternoon to work I was a bit confused with this late call , but overall staff at pulse are very good and always ask for dates availble each week but just never any work !!!!

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    It's really useful and I really enjoyed of the sensory activity suggested and the video. I did my best in the centres and I feel more confident now. It's really good to hear from you and feeling belongs to company.