International staffing

Pulse is an international brand with global links in the UK and across the Middle East. We provide support for staff looking to relocate abroad from the UK to Australia which opens an even larger pool of high quality candidates for our clients looking for the very best in healthcare professionals.

We provide a full service to support the needs of international candidates moving to Australia. We understand that searching for a new job can be a difficult process, but when you add to that the need to move to a new country, it can seem insurmountable. We are here to help you from start to finish.

Sponsorship and Visa applications

As with most countries in the world, if you want to live and work in Australia you will need a Visa. Australia’s Visa application process can be a complicated process as there are many hurdles you need to clear before you can move. One hurdle is Sponsorship. The majority of international candidates will require sponsorship from an employer. We work with our clients to provide this sponsorship for international candidates. We also support our candidates moving to Australia through the Visa application process, offering them advice on how to fill out the form and what documentations they need to provide.

Moving and living in Australia

Our support extends beyond simply helping candidates find a job in Australia. We also offer support on finding accommodation. We advise our candidates on nice areas to live that are affordable and that are in commuting distance to the employer. Some hospitals will also advertise room share opportunities on their notice boards. We work with the hospital to provide this information to our candidates. If you are moving to Australia with your family, we can supply advice to our candidates on good and affordable schools in the area.

How we attract candidates:

  • A dynamic database development strategy
  • A high profile website
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns tailored to clients’ needs
  • Recruitment road shows

Candidate preparation

The Pulse team have a thorough screening and selection process which is tailored to your requirements. At this stage we will filter through the most suitable candidates and put forward only the best possible individuals for your review.

Mobilisation and relocation services

We maintain frequent contact with each candidate throughout all stages of the process and we facilitate open communication between the candidate and the employer to ensure assimilation is as straightforward as possible.