Candidate sourcing and screening

Pulse is a leading supplier of high quality healthcare professionals throughout Australia and Tasmania. We are passionate about providing the highest level of service we can to our clients, which includes adhering to rigorous processes to make sure everyone placed has been fully vetted and cleared prior to placement.

We ensure all candidates we place comply with national safeguards, employment check standards and statutory requirements; beyond this we also ensure they meet our clients required standards in ability.

Our processes are designed to meet your requirements. We look to work with you and include any specific checks you think necessary to ensure we provide you with only the right healthcare professionals and help us make your experience as straight forward as possible.

Our process involves the following stages:

Pre-screening – This is an initial screening of a candidate's CV and a review of their application form

Interview and assessment – We make sure to meet face to face with all our candidates before sending them to our clients. We also perform skills checks, review their eligibility to work, and assess any training needs.

Pre-employment checks – This is a full reference check of the candidate, making sure all professional registrations are compliant, obtaining professional references, and performing any necessary criminal history checks.

Worker sign-off and administration – Once all documents have been received and verified you will be contacted by a consultant regarding your availability for work

Induction – This will include any training for skills gaps which may exist, as well as health and safety training, and clinical competency checks

Quality guaranteed

Thanks to our stringent processes of clearing every candidate before we even introduce you to them, we are confident in our processes and regularly audit them on a quarterly basis. This helps maintain compliance at all time. Above this, we also have an annual audit by an independent third party to ensure our service to our clients will be second to none.