Frequently asked questions

Who can I use as a referee?

You will need to provide us with at least two professional child care related references when you register. This could be the director or a senior staff member at a centre you’ve worked in, the parent of a child you have looked after or someone that has supervised your work with children under five years.

If I register for casual work will I also be considered for permanent opportunities?

Yes. Please let us know if you are interested in permanent work when you register, and we will then consider you for any roles we have. We can also find casual work for candidates who register for permanent work and would like to continue earning while they look for the right position.

Will I need to come to the city and meet with you in order to register?

We do ask that you come and meet us face to face so we can ensure we understand your experience and what you are looking for, and can then find the right position for you. We can be very flexible on interview times to accommodate candidates who are currently working or who have other commitments.

How often will you contact me?

For casual work we ask you to keep us up to date with your availability at least weekly so we can try and find you as much work as possible. With permanent positions we will keep you up to date with suitable opportunities and let you know about the progress of any applications.

Can I use Pulse Child Care Crew as a reference?

We are happy to inform centres of the number of days you have worked for us and the feedback we have received but are unable to give a formal reference as we have not seen you at work.

Where can I find more timesheets?

If you require more timesheets, then contact your bookings consultant. We can forward to you additional timesheets via email, fax, or post.

What should I do if I am sick and unable to make a shift?

You need to call the office during office hours on 02 9965 9444 or our on call number 0410 669 195 and let a consultant know. Please ensure you tell them your name, the name of the centre you were booked in for and the hours of your shift.

What should I do if I am running late for a shift?

Please call the office and let someone know where you are going, the time you were supposed to start and how far away you are. It is important for us to notify the centre of your estimated arrival time as they are often out of ratio until you arrive.

What should I do if I forget to take my timesheet to my shift?

Please call the office on your break and we will send one to the centre.

How do I access my payslips?

Payslips are emailed at the end of every week. You will need to add to your email address book to ensure you receive your payslips. If you do not have an email account we will post them.

What do I do if a centre asks if I can work a future shift?

Please ask the centre to call the office and notify us of your days and hours of work so we can ensure you are paid correctly.

Do I need to let you know if my personal details change?

Yes please let us know if your address, bank details or qualification level change.

How do I complete my timesheet?

You will need to complete one timesheet per week for all the shifts you have done. Please write the name of the centre, the job number you were sent and the hours you worked. You will need to put in any unpaid breaks you received and then have the timesheet signed by the director or another authorised person. There is an example at the top of every timesheet to help you. Timesheets need to be Faxed to 02 9965 9401 or emailed to by Friday evening to ensure you are paid on time.

When and how do I send in my timesheet?

Timesheets are due in on Friday evenings. Timesheets can be scanned and emailed to  or faxed to 9965 9401 . The email and fax number are also noted on the bottom of the timesheet. Alternatively you can take a picture of the timesheet on your phone and email it to the same address. Please DO NOT TEXT the photo of your timesheet.

Is it compulsory to have a superannuation fund?

Yes. If you do not already have a superannuation fund set up we can register you with our default fund HESTA.

I don’t understand the Tax file Declaration form? What must I tick?

Unfortunately, we are not tax advisors so we cannot tell you how to complete your Tax file declaration. However the ATO has an extremely helpful website, or helpdesk- 13 28 61, that can assist you with making the correct choices to suit particular circumstances.

What do I need to wear at work?

You will need to wear a shirt that covers your shoulders and plain dark pants. Polo shirts can be purchased from the office. Please wear shoes that cover your heel and toes and take a wide brimmed hat to wear outside. Please do not wear any revealing tops or short shorts/skirts. No thongs/sandals or high heels are permitted due to health and safety.

When will I get paid?

You will be paid weekly, a week in arrears. The day you receive payment will vary depending on who you bank with; we process pays on a Wednesday.

What do I do if a centre asks me if I’m interested in full time work?

Please notify Pulse Child Care Crew if you have been approached by a Centre for full time work and we will make an application on your behalf. Both the Candidate and the centre have a legal contract to notify Pulse Child Care Crew.

How do I recommend a friend?

If you wish to recommend a friend for child care work with us, please ensure they have had a minimum 200 hours paid experience working in childcare and then ask them to contact the office. You can also speak to your consultant and refer a friend over the phone.