Clinical Governance

At Pulse, our standard of work is paramount to what we do. It is integral to our ethos that we should provide the highest quality nurses and child care professionals who are fully accredited and checked. This is why we also hold ourselves to a high standard of scrutiny.

We are proud to hold the RCSA Service Delivery Standard (RCSA SDS) certificate. This standard acts as an alternative to the ISO9001:2008 however is focused on the recruitment industry. This allows for a more detailed and comprehensive audit to ensure the highest standard of care. 

The RCSA SDS is a quality management standard that has been developed as an industry standard by the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Authority). This standard sets a benchmark among quality management standards for the highest quality service and operational efficiency in the recruitment industry in Australia and New Zealand. It has been built on internationally recognised standards but has been designed to reflect the general requirements of service industries with specific requirements for recruitment industries.