Terms and Conditions

This offer is only valid for recommending people for the following allied health and health science professions:

  • Clinical physiology
  • Dietitians
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Speech therapy

For a recommendation to qualify it must be made during the month of May 2016.

Recommendations must be submitted to the associate’s consultant or the recommend a friend team via email, by post or via the online form on the pulsejobs website. Recommendations can also be made via telephone call to the consultant but must be recorded by the consultant on the recommender’s and/or recommendee’s file in order for the recommendee to be validated. The recommendation must include the recommendee’s name, profession, contact details and the location that the recommendee requires work. The outcome of the recommendation will be for the relevant consultant to contact the recommendee with the intention of securing them work engagements.

For a recommendation to qualify, the recommendee must work in one of the given professions listed above.

The recommendation voucher will be payable once the recommendee has worked the number of hours stated above for their profession.


Pulse reserves the right to reject a recommendation voucher payment request;

a. If the recommendee has previously registered with Pulse within the past 12 months.

b. If the recommender or recommendee have not met the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions.

c. If the recommendee works for a division of Pulse that does not run a recommendation scheme.

d. If the recommendation has been accepted via telephone call but not been recorded on the recommender’s and/or recommendee’s file.

e. If Pulse sees fits to do so, due to any other reason or circumstance that they deem as justified.


Claiming vouchers

It is the responsibility of the recommender to claim their recommendation voucher payment no later than three months after the recommended has completed the required hours by contacting their consultant or the recommend a friend team, when the recommendee has completed the required hours for their profession in the given time-frame.