Frequently asked questions

Sometimes we all need a little help, so we've put together a list of the top 10 questions we get asked. If you still can't find what you're looking for in this section, send us an email with your enquiry.

  1. What locations do you cover?

    Pulse Doctors offer locum and permanent UK opportunities in NHS and private healthcare sector organisations.

  2. What's your average hourly rate of pay?

    We offer competitive rates which vary depending on the trust and geographical location. Please contact a member of the team to confirm your requirements.

  3. What trusts do you have contacts with?

    Pulse Doctors is a preferred supplier to the NHS and private sector. We have a large number of exclusive and preferred contracts across the country where we receive priority access to all doctor vacancies.        
  4. When are your busiest times?

    While the doctors team has an abundance of jobs throughout the year, the demand for junior doctor's increases around the February and August rotation.

  5. How often do I get paid?

    Pulse runs a daily payroll where payment is made two working days from the time your timesheet is processed. If the timesheet is received after 12pm it falls into the next day.

  6. Will I have a dedicated consultant?

    Yes, we have dedicated consultants for each doctor grade.

  7. Do you offer a referral bonus?

    Yes, if you recommend a colleague or friend and they work for Pulse we will pay a bonus of £250 - £500 (Subject to terms and conditions).

  8. Do you offer access to training?

    Yes, we offer all doctors access to voluntary online and face to face training. This is based in many locations across the country.

  9. Will you help me with revalidation and appraisal?

    Yes, Pulse is a designated body for doctors and able to offer a full appraisal and revalidation package along with access to voluntary CPD training days.

  10. How long do your locum positions last?

    Pulse Doctors can offer positions that suit all requirements, this can be from ad-hoc on call shifts to short term covering annual or sick leave or long term ongoing posts that can be from 1 -12 months.