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Where could you work in the Middle East?

If you’re thinking about working in the Middle East, we've provided all of the information you need in our Middle East profiles. To view information about any of these locations, click any one of the images below:


Tax-free salaries and low outgoings

These are two of the biggest attractions of working in the Middle East. All salaries are tax-free at source and with free accommodation and utilities it is possible to save a considerable amount of money – and still have a good time.

Flights to and from the Middle East will be paid at the beginning and end of your contract and usually a mid-year round trip ticket is also offered. Annual leave is generous – some hospitals offering up to seven calendar weeks - and you will be paid a bonus at the end of your contract. You may also be offered a ‘sign-on’ bonus.

Doctors and senior managers are usually offered family-status contracts and benefit from an education allowance for their dependant children. Nurses and allied healthcare professionals will generally (with occasional exceptions) be offered single-status contracts.


Most hospital accommodation is provided in ‘compounds’ which are private complexes, rather like gated communities, located within the hospital grounds or nearby. Free transport is provided to and from work and for local shopping. You can expect air-conditioned, comfortable accommodation.

Social Life

Your social life in the Middle East will very much be what you make it. Most hospitals organise expeditions to interesting places and you will certainly have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of recreational activities. As you get to know your colleagues your social life will take off and you probably won’t want to leave at the end of your contract.

And then?

And of course you don’t have to leave - some of our candidates enjoy the Middle East so much that they stay for years, but for most it’s a year or two, a fantastic, CV-enhancing experience which will stand you in good stead for the rest of your career. We believe that you will never regret embracing the opportunity to live, work and travel in the fascinating, very different part of the world which is the Middle East.

To find out more about specific hospitals and opportunities in the Middle East please call us on 020 7959 1105 or email us we look forward to hearing from you.

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