King Abdulaziz Medical Cities – National Guard Hospitals

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is structurally a vast platform of ancient rocks, once continuous with north-east Africa. The official currency is Riyal and its weather varies from hot and dry during the summer and cold during the winter. The form of government is monarchy and the official religion is Islam.

The working population of the Kingdom is a multi-cultural environment since the job offer provides competitive salary and benefits for all nationalities alike.

National Guard Health Affailrs

National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) is one of the largest health organizations in the Kingdom providing modern medical care to National Guard employees & their dependents, as well as to Saudi Nationals with tertiary health problems.

Under the umbrellla of NGHA, there are four hospitals and sixty primary and secondary health centers around the Kingdom. Two of these hospitals are Imam AbdulRahman Al-Faisal Hospital (IAAFH) in Dammam and King Abdulaziz Hospital (KAH) in Al Ahsa.

The other two hospitals have expanded over the last few years to become major medical cities; namely King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) in Riyadh and KAMC in Jeddah.

NGHA has also become well known internationally, especially in successful conjoined twins separations. Nine sets of conjoined twins have been successfully separated at KAMC in Riyadh. This is only one example of many high level services that have made NGHA the heart of medicine in Saudi Arabia.

Mb>The Saudi Arabian National Guard Health Affairs mission is to provide the highest quality of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services whilst ensuring efficiency and proper utilization of available resources. Equally important to our mission are the components of Preventive Medicine, Health Education, Health Research & Continuous Quality Improvement.


This hospital, which has a 1025-bed capacity, is based in the Central Region of Saudi Arabia. The facility includes new state-of-the art developments such as Cardiac and Liver Center; 21 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Dental, Ambulatory (Outpatient) Care, Long Term Care/ Rehabilitation, Emergency Care and Trauma Centers. Other adult and pediatric services provided include: Surgical and Medical wards, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Labor and Delivery, Oncology, Antenatal and Post Partum wards); Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, Operating Rooms, Ambulatory Care Center, Home Health Care Program, VIP Wards, Royal Suite, College of Medicine and Nursing College.


The King Khalid Hospital is a 531- bed hospital located in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. It includes the new King Abdulaziz Oncology Center, which is the primary oncology research and treatment center for the National Guard in Saudi Arabia. The hospital also has a satellite 60-bed Transitional Care Unit, the Dar Al Amman Charity Center, which is located in downtown Jeddah. Other services provided for the catchment population are: Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Labor and Delivery, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Services, Coronary Care Unit (CCU), Emergency Room, Operating Rooms, VIP Wards, Day Center to include Ambulatory Surgery, and several Primary Health Care clinics spread over the Western Region.


This Hospital, like Al Hassa, is based in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia and has 146-bed capacity. The adult and pediatric services will provide Outpatient Clinics, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Emergency Room, Medical & Surgical Wards, Operating Room, Day Surgery, Labor & Delivery Ward, Intensive Care Unit and VIP Ward.


The Hospital will be a 312-bed facility and, will provide primary and secondary care to National Guard personnel. The range of services for the adult and pediatric patient population will include Outpatient Clinics, Pharmacy, four Operating Rooms, Day Surgery, Hemodialysis, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Endoscopy, Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Labor and Delivery Rooms, Medical & Surgical Wards, Ophthalmology, ENT and VIP Wards.

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